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Stranger Things: Top 5 Episodes To Revisit Before Season 3

Published Mon Jul 01 2019 By Travis
Stranger Things: Top 5 Episodes To Revisit Before Season 3

Stranger Things has dominated the pop culture like no other show before. The show which started in 2016 has been able to capture the imagination of so many that the new series premiere almost feels like an event.

Stranger Things is a horror, friendship, growing up series that almost everyone can relate to. And the smart thing was basing the show in the 80s, almost everyone's favorite era. What was just a show about early teen kids, fighting things way beyond their age or strength turned into a special event of the year.

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The first season was a revelation as the unique story and execution had everyone hooked on the series. Then the creators dialed it up a notch in second season, though the surprise element of the show was gone by the second season, still the show managed to hold up its own.

Now, on July 4, 2019, the third season of the series is coming with more horror and gore to Netflix and so we have decided to visit the five best episodes to re-watch before the start of season three.

5. Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak (S02E02)

This was an important episode in season two as we find out how exactly 'Eleven' escaped the upside down. We find out that she is hiding and 'Hopper' is helping her hide from government agents. It is a time of Halloween and we see more development of 'Max' as she joins the gang to go trick or treat. The infatuation of 'Dustin' and 'Lucas' became more apparent which might lead to confrontations n season three between the two best friends. Also we saw new spores causing the decay of pumpkins all around hawking, this is important as it plays a huge role in the future confrontation with the upside down.

4. Chapter Six: The Monster (S01E06)

Nancy hides behind a slimy tree to protect against the monster in Upside down.
Nancy and Jonathan go to the upside down to find Will. (Source: Fandom)

We love this episode because in many ways this episode solidified the relationship between Eleven and 'Mike'. We also learned of the origin of Eleven a little, and the trip inside the upside down by 'Nancy' and 'Jonathan' results in them meeting with the monster in the upside down. And then one of the best scenes in Stranger Things short history happened at the end of this episode. As two bullies force 'Mike' and 'Dustin' to jump off a cliff 'Eleven' shows up and levitates them to safety, then dispatches the bullies, as the bullies run away, 'Dustin' defiantly says, "She's our friend, and she's crazy!" This is without a doubt one of the best moment of the series.

3. Chapter Nine: The Gate (S02E09)

The final episode of season two is one of the best of the series. The episode leading up to the final episode is also iconic as 'Bob' sacrifices himself to save the kids inside the lab. The final episode has some awesome killing scenes of Demodogs and Steve goes from a fringe character to one of the most beloved in the final episode. Then finally 'Eleven' unleashes her fury to close the upside down for good. At the end of the episode the kids go to the dance together and think everything is over but then the final shot sets up the third season.

2. Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers (S01E01)

The first episode of Stranger Things is almost the best episode of the whole series. When the series started the kids are seen playing Dungeons and Dragons and while returning home 'Will Byers' disappears in the wood. The show introduces the characters in such a brilliant way that by the end of the episode we feel like we have been with the characters for a long time. The episode does a brilliant way of setting up a universe in about an hour and for that reason this will always be a one of the best episodes and definitely one to revisit before the start of season three.

1. Chapter Eight: The Upside Down (S01E08)

The Upside Down was the culmination of the first season of Stranger Things, and man, that was an amazing episode. The relationship forged within this episode has been the building blocks for the future season of Stranger Things. 'Mike' and Eleven's relationship was forged within this episode. The ending was a beautiful culmination of the series that we invested eight hours into watching. This was a rewarding finale and a beautiful episode that is worth revisiting.

Stranger Things is coming to Netflix on July 4, 2019, as the series heads to season three. The show itself is beautiful study of young age and friendship people forge while they are teenagers. Season 2 was a great continuation for the series and we can only hope for further improvements for the show as it progresses beyond season three.