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Supernatural: Here Are 5 Reasons Why Chuck/God Has Always Been The Real Villain In The Series!

Published Sun Sep 01 2019 By Travis
Supernatural: Here Are 5 Reasons Why Chuck/God Has Always Been The Real Villain In The Series!

Supernatural started out with a family drama where two brothers come together after a long time to take care of the family business of finding monsters and killing them. The two brothers look for suspicious activities in the rural part of America and are also on the hunt for a yellow-eyed demon, which was the cause of the death of their mother.

The story was simple enough, and Eric Kripke, Supernatural’s showrunner started the series with a five-season plan where he was going to tell a particular story and end it by the finale of season five. Due to the popularity of the show, this never came to pass, and the series went beyond the planned five seasons. Up until the fifth season, Lucifer was the main villain and his power was something which was overpowering and interesting. But after the fifth season and the defeat of Lucifer, there was a severe drop in quality for the show.

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The prince of hell himself was defeated by the brothers and much of the later seasons the series couldn’t find a perfect villain to rival Lucifer. One up man ship can only take you so far and time was running out for the series to lose total relevance, so the series creators took a perfect moment to end the show, and the choice of their villain was also perfect. Nothing is more powerful than God, and the final season is about battling God for the soul of all living creatures.

There seems to be no way out, and God is more overpowered than anything in this world which gave some fans paused but he is also the one person who was set up to take the mantle of the finale villain from the moment he first made his appearance, we just didn’t know it then. So, here are the five reasons why Chuck/God’s always been the real villain of 'Supernatural.'

5. Chuck Only Cared About Himself

From the first moment we met Chuck, it was apparent he was a self-centered person, and as time progressed, we saw more of Chuck and his indulgence in human behavior. In a conversation with 'Metatron', Chuck said he was dating and singing all the time instead of helping Sam and Dean sort out the mess he created in the first place.

From the first moment, it was about his writing career, his dating life, his singing career, people found this God to be humorous but now it is apparent, he was an egotistical, self-centered, maniacal overlord who just wanted to be happy everyone else be damned.

4. Abandoning Multiple Worlds

In Supernatural we got an explanation about how multiple worlds were formed, Chuck was experimenting with the worlds, and after many iterations, the earth inhabited by Sam and Dean was formed, but those other worlds were left unfinished and damaged in their own ways.

During the birth of Jack and the resulting rift opening to another earth was something which allowed us to view what happened in those earth. Desolate planets with hardly any life in them where war was something perpetual, and there was no end in sight. Chuck abandoned all these worlds so he can play with his favorite toys on the final earth. This should’ve made us wake up to the fact, Chuck was evil, and he deserves to be put down.

3. Abandoning Lucifer

Chuck is all-powerful, we’ve seen as much in the few episodes where is snaps his fingers to undo everything which was causing trouble. His power is immense, so why was it he abandoned his son, Lucifer, in hell when he could’ve managed to handle him in heaven.

There was no need to send Lucifer to hell, he was powerful, but Chuck was no slouch, and everything Lucifer did was because of his abandonment. The numerous people killed by the mere whims of Lucifer were something which should’ve tipped us Chuck was to blame for the misery people are in.

2. Chuck’s Sister

By any measure 'Amara' would’ve been the main protagonist in any story ever written in the world, her brother abandoned her, and now after she got free, all she wanted was revenge. Locking Amara away for destroying the world’s created by Chuck would’ve been a valid reason for keeping her under lock and key but seeing how Chuck abandoned all those worlds and the misery compiled on them. A quick death at the hands of a deity seems like a blessing in disguise.

Now, we cannot help but think, Amara was right to destroy all those worlds and also wanting to destroy the one where real Sam and Dean lived. She knew her brother was evil and all she wanted to do was spare all the people on earth the misery of being part of Chuck’s games.

1. Wanting To Kill Jack Just For The Fun Of It

This one is obvious and also the time when we found out Chuck was the main villain of the whole Supernatural story after all. During the finale of Supernatural, season 14 Dean goes to kill Jack because his powers are beyond anyone’s control, but at the last moment, he decides not to kill the kid who the Winchester and Castiel raised.

After Dean decides not to kill Jack, Chuck wants Dean to kill the kid; this was a shock to all of the viewers. Then, he explains the story he wrote was the one where the father kills his son, the symbolism of it mattered more than the actual lives of the people involved. This is when Chuck comes out as the villain, everyone on the earth was only dancing to the whims of Chuck, and there was no particular interest when it comes to people’s lives.

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Chuck’s story mattered more than the lives of the living creatures, and this beautifully sets up the final conflict, which looks more daunting than anything the brothers ever faced. Jack is dead, and the last we saw of him was being surrounded by 'Billy' (death) and the 'Empty'. The role Jack will play on the final season is still to be seen, but we are more than ready for the premiere of the final season of Supernatural which recently finished filming the first episode. Supernatural arrives for the final season on CW on 10 October 2019.