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Supernatural - The Winchesters' Death Foreshadowed In The Poster For The Final Season

Published Sun Sep 15 2019 By Travis
Supernatural - The Winchesters' Death Foreshadowed In The Poster For The Final Season

The poster for the final season of Supernatural is foreshadowing a lot of things including the demise of the Winchester brother.

For the last time in 15 years, the fall TV season will include Supernatural as one of the premier show on TV and considering how long the show lasted and the fan base surrounding the whole thing, it is going to be hard to let go something which is part of the better part of our adult life. For 15 years we saw the characters of Sam and Dean Winchester battle everything from small demons and monsters to now 'God' himself, and when the show does come to an end, it will also be the end of an era.

The 15th season was already said to be the final one of the series, and we also got confirmation the first episode of the last season of the series finished filming recently. The release date for the beloved show is coming fast, and now the poster for the series was also released right on time for Friday the 13th. The thing about the poster is it seems to be confirming something all fans speculated from the beginning; the final show will also see the demise of Sam and Dean.

Supernatural cast
Supernatural is coming back for a final season this fall.

Source: Den of Geek

The actors said by the end of the series the characters will find some version of peace and they are on their way for their date with destiny, but nothing else was revealed from the people involved in creating the show. They want to surprise and not allow information to leak for the show, but they also released a poster which almost promises doom and gloom are coming for the brothers on their path to get some respite and peace.

When you look at the poster, the first thing which comes to plain view except for the actors is a pair of angel wings and right behind the wings, a stairway to heaven. The reason we think it is heaven is because of the large demon warding symbol, which is obviously something they won’t use in hell. By this point, the two brothers already earned their place in heaven, and the whole stairways to heaven thing are also foreshadowing the brothers finally finding their peace after they are dead.

The poster for Supernatural season 15
The poster for Supernatural season which is foreshadowing a lot of things.

Source: Supernatural

The next thing we see is the beautiful Impala which is the part of the Winchester family, which is coming out of a fire and most likely implying the road to perdition is filled with challenges and fires and the brothers and the Impala need to wade through all of it to find deliverance. The whole ground is burning things also most probably implying the world is on fire after it was revealed God was just doing all of this because it served as a means to an end.

There is also a skull on the bonnet of 'Baby' and a raven sitting on top of the skull, we are not experts on signs, but this does look pretty ominous to us.

The Impala, Winchester brothers call Baby.
Baby is going through fire in the poster of Supernatural season 15.

Source: Comic Book

But the thing which provides the most doom and gloom and a certain amount of prophecy is the text at the top of the poster which says, “As it is written, so it shall end.” The thing is there were many prophecies when it comes to the Winchester brothers, and the whole reason the final apocalypse is happening is Dean decided not to kill Jack which in turn ruined his entire story. The written fate of the brothers will most probably come to pass, and it seems not everything is as God intended it to be so maybe the title at the top of the page is definitely a little miss leading.

The final season of Supernatural, promises some great stories, and probably the best villain in the show since the finale of season five. Jared Padalecki also said the two characters are happy to go out like Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid but the whole ending, though heroic, didn’t exactly solve anything so maybe the writers went let the characters go out with all guns blazing. Though, it would be fun to see the brother go out in a really heroic way fighting monsters and riding their Impala.

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The final season of Supernatural is coming to The CW on 10 October 2019, and the show will only consist of 20 episodes.