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Susan Alice Buffett: A Closer Look at the Philanthropic Journey of Warren Buffett's Daughter

Published Sun Jun 18 2023 By Bsgurung
Susan Alice Buffett: A Closer Look at the Philanthropic Journey of Warren Buffett's Daughter

Susan Alice Buffett, also known as Susie Buffett, is an American philanthropist and the daughter of billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Born on July 30, 1953, she has dedicated her life to making a positive impact through charitable endeavors. As the chair of the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, she plays a vital role in supporting education, women's rights, reproductive health, and social justice initiatives. 

Susie Buffett is known for her hands-on approach, actively engaging with organizations and communities to create lasting change. With her immense wealth and philanthropic efforts, she continues to inspire others and make a significant difference in the lives of countless individuals and communities.

Is Susan Alice Buffett Single or Married Again?

Susan Alice Buffett was married to Allen Greenberg from 1983 to 1995. Warren Buffett, had an unconventional open marriage with his first wife, Susan Thompson Buffett, until she died in 2004. Following her divorce, Susan remained single for about two decades. She then entered a six-year relationship with John Foley before tying the knot with him in December 2017. Their wedding was an intimate affair, and while Susie's brother Peter attended, her other brother Howard reportedly couldn't make it.

SUsan Alice Buffett married John Foloey
Susan Alice Buffett with her husband, John Foley spending time together. 
Source: Instagram

Susie's current husband, Foley, is a retired information technology expert. Although the details of their residence are uncertain, Susie has been rooted in North Omaha, Nebraska for an extended period, demonstrating her connection to her community as a philanthropist.

Susan Alice Buffett's First Husband Children

Susie Buffett entered into her first known relationship with Allen Greenberg, whom she married in 1983. Greenberg, a lawyer associated with Public Citizen, met Susie when she was working as an assistant in Washington. However, their marriage eventually ended in divorce in 1995. Throughout their time together, Susie and Allen became parents to two children.

It is worth noting that Susie Buffett's personal life and relationships have been relatively private, and details beyond her marriage to Allen Greenberg and subsequent divorce are not widely known or publicly disclosed.

Parents' Marriage Journey So Far!

Warren Buffett and Susan Buffett were married in 1952 and remained husband and wife until Susan died in 2004. However, their marital arrangement was unconventional. While being married to Susan, Warren also formed a relationship with Astrid Menks, a Latvian woman.

Warren Buffett and Astrid Menks
Warren Buffett Buffett taking a walk with his wife. 
Source: Insider

Interestingly, it was Susan who facilitated and supported the relationship between Warren and Astrid. Warren Buffett and Astrid Menks continued their relationship while Warren was still married to Susan. After Susan's passing, Warren and Astrid remained together and are still married to this day. 

They reside in Omaha, Nebraska, where Warren has been based for many years. Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding their relationship, Warren and Astrid have chosen to continue their life together as husband and wife.

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Susan Alice Buffett Philanthropic Deeds 

Susie Buffett has been a dedicated advocate for early childhood education and has actively sought out innovative programs aimed at providing equal opportunities for three- and four-year-old children.

Her primary organization, The Sherwood Foundation (previously known as the Susan A. Buffett Foundation), is committed to promoting equity through social justice initiatives that enhance the quality of life in Nebraska. The foundation strongly upholds values related to civil liberties, equality, and fairness, with a particular focus on women and individuals facing oppression due to their race, sexual orientation, religion, or lack thereof.

One of Susie's significant contributions has been directed toward Omaha's public schools. According to a 2020 article in the Los Angeles Times, she has donated to over 550 school programs in the area. Additionally, the Buffett Early Childhood Fund, as highlighted by Inside Philanthropy, supports pre-K programs specifically designed for underprivileged children and communities with limited resources.

Funding and More

Susie's organization has also provided funding for numerous nonprofit initiatives in areas such as education, social justice, and poverty alleviation. This support extends to a wide range of organizations, including local ballet companies, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and a group representing black police officers.

Through her philanthropic efforts and contributions, Susie Buffett has made a significant impact in supporting early childhood education, promoting social justice, and addressing issues of inequality and poverty.

Is Susan Alice Buffett Getting Father's Billions?

It is widely known that Susan's father, the renowned businessman Warren Buffett, has decided to donate nearly all of his fortune, which exceeds $100 billion, to charitable causes.

Warren Buffett with his daughter.
Warren Buffett with his daughter, Susan Alice Buffett attending an event. 
Source: Art Logic

Warren Buffett first announced his plan to give away the majority of his net worth in 2006 when he was 75 years old. Currently, he is halfway towards fulfilling this philanthropic endeavor.

Buffett has consistently expressed his belief that his immense wealth would be better utilized in supporting charitable endeavors rather than being passed on to his children's investment portfolios. Susan and her brothers have wholeheartedly supported their father's decision to donate his wealth to charity after his passing.

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Warren Buffett is Not Giving His Billions To Children

When asked about her father's decision, Susan once remarked, "It wasn't a surprise. He told us in advance. And to be honest, I don't think I'd want the burden of giving that much away."

The Buffett family is aligned with Warren Buffett's philanthropic vision and recognizes the positive impact that his charitable giving can have on society. 

They understand and respect his decision to allocate his wealth towards various charitable causes, reflecting his belief in using his fortune for the greater good.

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