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'Tall Girl' Star Ava Michelle - Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Published Sun Oct 13 2019 By Chester
'Tall Girl' Star Ava Michelle - Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Learn the relationship status of Tall Girl "Jodi," aka Ava Michelle.

You might know the stunning actress Ava Michelle from Netflix's romantic comedy series 'Tall Girl,' which has brought quite an exciting story of a (1.87 m) tall girl and her daily life struggles.

The question fans are curious about is, does Ava really struggle to find a lover in real because of her more than average height? So, in today's article, we are here to talk about the gigantic beauty's love affairs.

Ava Michelle Relationship Status

If you are updated with the show, then you might know Michelle's gigantic height which made her struggle to find a partner and cope up with a normal life; if you haven't then check out this short trailer.

Check Out: Tall Girl | Official Trailer | Netflix

By now you might've felt how it feels to be a 'Miss Skyscraper', right? Coming on to the relationship status, we stalked all of Ava's social media profiles - Instagram, Twitter, others and found the relationship status of 17-year-old star Ava Michelle is currently 'single'. 

On such a young age of only 'seventeen,' the versatile actress is focused and dedicated to her rising career and dynamic skills rather than love affairs and chit chats.

Besides acting, Ava is also a professional ball dancer, model, singer, and songwriter, which she often posts on her Instagram account by name Ava Michelle.

Apparently, good news to all the Ava fans and followers as the gorgeous Michigan beauty is still glowing the green lights in her relationship status.

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