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Terrence Howard Is Done With Acting, 'Empire' Star Say He Is "Done Pretending"

Published Thu Sep 12 2019 By Travis
Terrence Howard Is Done With Acting, 'Empire' Star Say He Is "Done Pretending"

'Empire' actor says no more acting for himself; he is quitting the job of acting to bring "truth to the world."

Terrence Howard is an Academy Award-nominated actor who made a name for himself after appearing in 'Hustle & Flow', but now the actor says he is done with acting and the last season of Empire will be the one where he hangs up his acting career.

Cheslie Kryst was the only one on the set of Empire as Terrence Howard filmed his final scene in the hit Fox show and he sat down to talk with Extra’s correspondent where he revealed he was “done.”

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When Cheslie asked the actor about his career and where is off to next after the end of Empire which won’t be returning for another season after number six, Howard said, “I’m done with acting. I’m done pretending.”

It was a weird turn of events considering how good at acting he is; still, the actor was adamant; he was moving on to better things. When asked about if he would be taking up philanthropy as his full-time work moving forward, he wasn't interested in the work either. Terrence said, “No, not philanthropy; I’m just focusing on bringing truth to the world.”

Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard is looking to bring the truth to the world.

Source: People

What is the “truth” you ask? Well, we’ve got no idea, and Terrence did not clarify the meaning behind the word truth also which type of truth he is trying to bring to the forefront.

But no matter what he does, he is going to miss acting and especially the people working in ‘Empire,’ he is going to miss his fellow castmates the most. The actor said, “I love the cast members. I will miss them a great deal, and the crew.”

The cast of Empire.
Terrence Howard said he is going to miss the cast of Empire.

Source: Variety

The real reason for the actor quitting acting could be the fact he is being investigated by the federal and local authorities for various tax-related offenses. The federal government is said to be working on the investigating Universal Bridges Inc., Mira Pak is the owner, and she is also the third wife of Terrence. The government is investigating the actor and the mother of his two out of five children for possible alleged financial crimes they committed together.

The United States Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania is handling the case, and the State of California Franchise Tax Board also presented Howard with a $143,538.61 tax lien in April. It seems the government is ready to come for the property of Howard if the fines and taxes are not paid.

Terrence Howard
Howard was presented with huge tax bills three times in his career.

Source: CTV News

The investigation is said to be ongoing, but it seems the actor’s attorney is not talking about of the federal inquiry right now. When asked about the investigation, the actor’s attorney’s spokesperson said they are “neither confirming or denying” the investigation exists.

This is not the first time Terrence was hit with a lien; he was handed a $1.1 million bill in 2010 and another bill from the federal government for over half a million dollar in 2006.

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Empire is coming back for one final season this fall, the first episode of the last season will premiere on 24 September 2019.