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home Lifestyle The Bachelorette Star Hannah Brown Revealed She "F--ked In A Windmill" To Luke Parker and Twitter Went Nuts

The Bachelorette Star Hannah Brown Revealed She "F--ked In A Windmill" To Luke Parker and Twitter Went Nuts

Published Thu Jul 04 2019 By Travis
The Bachelorette Star Hannah Brown Revealed She "F--ked In A Windmill" To Luke Parker and Twitter Went Nuts

Hannah Brown had the most epic response for Luke Parker.

The Bachelorette this year has seen a lot of memorable moments, but it seems this one is going to live in infamy. Just consider these words, “I f--ked in a windmill,” you don’t even have to know the context of the situation to see that line was epic and memorable. Trust us, IT WAS!

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Group dates are fun on the show, but it was taken to a whole new level when the latest episode aired.

Luke Parker is, without a doubt, one of the most hated bachelors in The Bachelorette, and man did the fans get a treat in the last episode. The two handsome people have been getting on well together as they both connected as devout Christians. His toxic behavior to other contest had all the fans feeling uneasy, and they couldn’t wait to see him shown the door. Well, it happened and in the most epic fashion of all.

The two potential partners sat down first, and he said, “So, let’s talk about sex.” It all went downhill from there.

Hannah Brown Doesn't Like What She's Hearing
Hannah was not having any of Luke's nonsense. (Source: The Hollywood Gossip)

Hannah smiled and maybe thought where this is going as she said, “Okay.” She didn’t have to wait long for him to make a mess.

“Let's say that you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys. I would completely remove myself from this relationship.” He laughed-scoffed at the same time as he hadn’t had sex with multiple women up until now. The gall to practically say to a woman she is a bad person for having sex with multiple people, not in that exact word was like jumping from a cliff for Luke as the barrage of responses from Hannah, in all practicality, buried him alive.

“How dare I be judged by a man,” Hannah started, angry, as Luke sat a little down the way. Then she laid down the law of the land. “My husband would never say what you said to me,” Hannah preaches to the Christian a**hole. Then she tells him what’s up, “I have had sex” as Luke looks at his feet with a nervous smile on his face and shuffles from feet to feet.

Hannah is irritated by Luke.
Hannah Brown was really taken aback by the line of discussion. (Source: 9Honey)

Then she continues, “And. Honestly? Jesus still loves me.” Playing on both of their religion and for him to think she is less Christian because she had sex was absurd to the beautiful former beauty pageant winner.

“Obviously, from how you feel, me f--king in a windmill, you probably - you probably want to leave.” Imagine the shock of the toxic waste of a human felt after she said that. He replied in shock, “Say What?” and Hannah replies, “Yeah.”

As she showed him out, a recorded message played, “I F—ked in a windmill. And guess what? We did a second time.” Then as the car heads out, she flips a bird to the trash of a human being.

Hannah Brown: You Probably Want to Leave ...
Hannah makes it clear she is not standing by while he judges her. (Source: The Hollywood Gossip)

Who would’ve thought judging a woman is a bad idea, huh? Women don’t like controlling, slut-shaming men who talk down to them and disrespect them, who knew?

The guy was not loved, and no tears were shed as the douche bag made his way out, but Twitter was having a lot of fun with the words Hannah used.

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Well for those of you still waiting to be surprised, don’t worry we won’t spoil the ending for you but know that the drama continues. As for Hannah, thank you for a phrase that is going to live in infamy.