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This Cool New Makeup Brand Is Perfect For True Crime Fans

Published Sun Jul 21 2019 By Chester
This Cool New Makeup Brand Is Perfect For True Crime Fans

We all have seen lots of cool makeups that are hard to classify from the reality, making us believe that it was real or just made up? We all have seen lots of cool makeup's. Precisely on movies and some dope pranks.

So, if you are fascinated with those looks then in today's episode we have come up with some of the best makeup products we bet you will definitely love.

So, here's the list of products which will give you little crime looks just in case for any of those cosplay, Comic-Cons or any satanic parties.

The devil stops by you just to say HI! 👹👺


The makeupamurder's Cosmetic Crime Investigator recently introduced a Poison Neon Yellow and green pigments. Well, the makeup is obviously gonna give you those bad ass looks for sure.

Poison Neon Evidence

Another ravishing makeup product that is surely going to change your looks for sure. 🌈☠️ NEW white silicone corks makes our favorite Poison Neon Evidence Collection look like highlighters! Which color are you dying to bail out of MAM custody? ✨The corks can also be bailed out separately.

Isn't it mystifying? Yes, you could share alike looks if you try out all the above products. All the below previewed pictures are the result if you can brush them, not that hard though.

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 Some of the tutorial video will help to imitate it.

Make up a Murder Aftermaths



Be ready to alarm people by cosmetic Crime Investigators. Your devil buddy to use for the upcoming occasions including Halloween, Night out and other of your satanic party.

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The Rainbow Skull! 


Mrs. Dead Hulk!

So, ready to scarify? Go and try it out, you will definitely love their reactions. Make sure you don't prank people with heart conditions.

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