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Tomer Kapon Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown of His Wealth!

Published Fri Dec 06 2019 By Chester
Tomer Kapon Net Worth - The Complete Breakdown of His Wealth!

Many of you might've recognized the handsome Television star and model Tomer Capon from some of his best acts in 'When Heroes Fly', 'The Boys', and 'Fauda'.

Yes, the star who plays in Netflix show 'Fauda' as Boaz - an OG who never misses to astonish us with his exceptional acting skills and performance.

As big his movies numbers are, fans were also curious regarding how big is the star's bank account. So, we are here presenting you the details & sources behind his envying fortune.

Tomer Kapon Net Worth

Tomer holds an envying fortune of 2.6 Million.

Tomer holds an envying fortune of 2.6 Million. 
SOURCE: Toman Instagram

The source behind such a staggering number can be credited to his career in the showbiz.

The 34 years old actor to date features in around 80 plus Movies & Tv shows including movies which includes his major and minor roles. Mostly he's seen on Action, Comedy, and Crime movies. 

To be precise, we've brought you some in-depth details of the actor's Net Worth calculating the surplus with the sources from his Movies and TV show career.

Earning from Movies & TV Series

Hitched to wifey Ortal Ben-Shoshan since 2012 and going strong.
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As per reports from Business Insiders, the top-notch TV shows stars make around $900,000. On the same token, the Middle star owns approximately $55,000 an episode, while a rising star or actor with no prior roles earns around $30,000 an episode, for example, kids from the 'Stranger Things.'

Since Kapon only has leading roles in some handful numbers of movies & TV series and he usually plays a supporting cast member, we are assuming the lowest-paid earnings weighing all his work from hits to flops.

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Let's check out some of his prominent roles in Television series where he made some big bands of green.

Earnings from 'Fullmoon'

The versatile star Kapon stars as 'Idan Perri' for 96 episodes. 'Full Moon' is an Israeli daily drama which started broadcasting from February 5, 2017.

Since 'Idan' features in the show for 96 episodes, and its production is in Israel, Tomer has made around $100,000 from the show. 

Earnings from 'Hostages'

Since the series is produced by Warner Bros, with executive producers of 'Pirates of Caribbean' films, Jerry Bruckheimer, he might have earned around $30,000 for the role. He has featured 22 episodes as 'Guy,' making him a total of $660,000.

Earning from 'Combat Medics' 

Tomar snipped in a scene from Combat Medics

Tomar snipped in a scene from Combat Medics.

One of Tomer's highly anticipated and loved military story based series is Combat Medics. The versatile star as Daniel portrays the Military Police for 40 episodes. The series was widely loved by the audiences making it nominated for Israeli Television Academy in the category of Best Daily Drama.

Tomer made around 1.2 million from the show, and he owns it too; for his magnificent play and hard work he's put on.

Recently, Tomer is playing on The Boys (2019- going), the series based on a group of vigilantes set out to take down corrupt superheroes who abuse their superpowers. His plays by the alias name of Frenchie for eight episodes via which he has already made around $240,000 and still counting.

Earnings From Movies

Besides his successful Television career, Capon also features in more than 30 plus movies where some of his hit films include 'Dig,' 'Wedding Doll,' 'A Tale of Love and Darkness,' '7 Days in Entebbe'.

Taking the average amount, the star has made around $1 Million from his movie career as mostly he's seen in the supporting role. 

So with such a band of green, the star is living the life of riches filled with luxuries.

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