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Top 10 Greatest Real Madrid Players Of All Time!

Published Sat Jul 13 2019 By Travis
Top 10 Greatest Real Madrid Players Of All Time!

Real Madrid is one of the greatest football clubs in the world, and some would even argue the greatest club ever. That type of title doesn’t just come without a great show on the pitch, and for that, you need some legendary players. One thing Real Madrid has in abundance, a vast selection of greatest players to come through the club. The number of legendary players that once played and made history with Real Madrid is just a ridiculous number.

No other club in world football can boast that number of legendary players to have pulled the club crest over their chest. With that many legendary players, the question arises who is the best to do it? Who is the best player to put on the whites of Real Madrid and take the pitch at the legendary Santiago Bernabeu?

The Real Madrid team celebrate the Champions League trophy.
Real Madrid winning their 13th Champions League title. (Source: Sky News)

This is going to be a controversial list because these players are, in our opinion, the greatest to ever do it in a Real Madrid shirt. So, here is our list of Top 10 Greatest Real Madrid Players Of All Time.

10. Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos in a Real Madrid jersey.

The greatest left-back in the history of football and the best attacking-minded defensive player to have ever played the game, Roberto Carlos is a Real Madrid club legend. With 584 appearance and 71 goals, he is undoubtedly one of the best to ever don the Real Madrid shirt. Eleven years he played for the club, and still, Real Madrid fans wish it was Roberto Carlos who ran towards a loose ball outside the opposition’s box.

9. Iker Casillas

Iker plays for Real Madrid.

In our opinion the greatest goalkeeper to have ever played the game of football, Iker Casillas played for Real Madrid since he was nine years old. A product of Real Madrid youth system Casillas played for Real Madrid in 510 games and captained the side that won the Champions League after a 12 years drought. Every true Real Madrid fan cried when Casillas gave that press conference after he was sold to Porto. The sign of a true devout Real Madrid player was when was heartbroken to leave the only home he had ever known.

8. Zinedine Zidane

The playing career in Real Madrid for Zinedine Zidane wasn’t as long as most of the players on this list but the moment he scored that goal against Bayer Leverkusen he etched his name into Real Madrid history as one of the greatest to ever do it. But the career of Zidane with Real Madrid didn’t end there as he came back to coach the team and led the club to three consecutive Champions League titles. Real Madrid fans have known no season with Zidane where they haven’t won the Champions League. Now that is legendary!

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Now this is a controversial pick at number seven, and no we are not joking, and no we are not being ironical with the number. Cristiano Ronaldo is without a doubt one of the greatest to ever do it; by the time he will be finished, Ronaldo will be one of the best players for three different clubs. Ronaldo is the top scorer for Real Madrid with 311 goals, and his average of over a goal per game is unimaginable. He also won four Champions League with the club, but the impact he had with the club was a little dampened by him forcing a move away from the club. The move left a sour taste in most Madrid fans.

6. Emilio Burtagueno

Emilio Burtagueno captaining a Real Madrid side.

Emilio was part of one of the greatest crop of homegrown players to have played for Real Madrid that dominated the Spanish league in the 80s. His haul of 123 goals for the club will be a little amount comparatively, but the impact the player is still having for the club is extensive. He will always be one of the greats to ever pull on the Real Madrid jersey.

5. Hugo Sanchez

Hugo Sanchez holding a trophy.

The best American continent player ever, Hugo Sanchez is one of the greats to ever appear in the Bernabeu. With over 150 goals for the club and five La Liga titles to his name, there are very few who have had the impact Sanchez had during a time of struggle for Real Madrid after the success of the mid-60s and early 70s.

4. Francisco Gento

Francisco Gento with the first five Champions League titles.

Francisco Gento is one of the members of what is considered as the greatest team in world football history. He is known for his speed and his tendency to terrorize other defenders in the left-wing. The Spanish player played for the club for over 18 years, and that is why he was given the honorary title of president of Real Madrid.

3. Ferenc Puskas

Ferenc Puskas smiling for a photo

The greatest Hungarian to ever lace the boots and kick a football, Ferenc Puskas played in over 180 games and scored 156 goals. He is also one of the members of the greatest team in world football history. Three Champions League and 5 La Liga titles later and Ferenc Puskas is still one of the greatest ever to do it.

2. Alfredo Di Stefano

Alfredo Di Stefano with the Champions League title.

Though most of his goals and his games are lost, the fact that Alfredo is one of the greatest players to ever play for Real Madrid hasn’t been lost on most of the fans. Two hundred sixteen goals for the club and also the player who started it all with five opening Champions League title wins he will always be regarded as the leader of the greatest team in the history and one of the greatest player to ever play for Real Madrid.

1 Raul

Raul during a match.

With 550 games and 228 goals, Raul was the highest-scoring player in Real Madrid history for a time and the player who was almost synonymous with the number 7 of Real Madrid. We are biased on this pick because he was the first player we saw wearing a Real Madrid jersey and the number seven. The relaxed demeanor and his lack of engagement in the media as well as his humble behavior are what will always be an endearing thing for fans. Raul is the greatest captain in Real Madrid history, and he will always be the greatest Real Madrid player for us.

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The team that is synonymous with the success in Champions League, Europe’s premier competition, Real Madrid has the greatest collection of legendary players. This is not the end though as Real Madrid will never stop chasing the greatest players in the world. The hope is we get to see some more Real Madrid modern legends in the years to come, looking at you Eden Hazard.