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Top 5 Facts About 'Below Deck' Star Caroline Bedol

Published Wed Sep 11 2019 By Travis
Top 5 Facts About 'Below Deck' Star Caroline Bedol

The drama on Bravo TV is undeniable which is why people cannot stop themselves from tuning in. Especially Below Deck which is a ratings juggernaut for the reality channel, the fact all the people are locked on a charter boat for a long period of time is sure to lead to some conflicts on the boat which was exactly what happened on the boat when Caroline Bedol showed up on the boat as the third stewardess in the sixth season.

To say Caroline Bedol was a character on the show is selling her short, she was just something else, later on reveled to be suffering from some mental health issues and while she was on the show, the whole thing was pure gem. Born in 1985 and raised in the city of Westport, Caroline was introduced to the world of yachting by a friend who was a chef on a boat.

Caroline Bedol
Caroline left the show after only nine episodes in season six.

Source: Cheat Sheet

Caroline then worked on numerous vessels which finally led her to My Seanna where Kate Chastain, Josiah Carter and her didn’t get along with each other at all. She always clashed with her superiors and though it made for great TV it wasn’t the whole truth. Here, learn about the facts of Caroline Bedol;

5. The Speaker Incident

Caroline joined the show in season six, and the whole thing was a mess, from the get go. She was not getting along with the people on the crew and Caroline was not ready for any of it. When everything got too much, Caroline asked to leave the crew but the series’ crew wanted to film the incident happen. So, they made her hand in a two days’ notice but Captain Lee Rosbach was not on the boat. Caroline wanted to talk to Captain before she left and the crew asked her to wait in her cabin.

Well, since Kate and Josiah were against Caroline from the get go, they went to her room and put on speakers outside her door and played the same song on repeat while leaving the scene laughing. This is one of the reasons why Caroline calls Kate a psychopath and Caroline also criticized the show for editing out the portion where Kate and Josiah verbally abused her.

4. She Said She Was Homeless

Caroline and dog Rico

The whole show a toxic environment for Caroline she was getting constantly bullied and when things showed no sign of stopping, she decided to get herself out of the equation. She quit the show and now it seems quitting wasn’t such a bright idea after all. The life after Deck was not kind to Caroline, she was in immense debt and then she revealed she was homeless. Well, she was not exactly homeless, she was between homes, as she put it but still she was living out of a motel though she did bring her emotional support dog, Rico, to help her in her difficult times.

3. Racially Insensitive Or Racist? You Decide!

Caroline's Tweet

Well, like we mentioned above the life after the show was not kind to Caroline, needing to take care of her mother and putting her up securely. Caroline’s mother suffers from dementia and to make sure she is comfortable she got into two credit card debts and then she was getting sued for lack of payment on her bill. The whole thing got ugly for the former reality actress but then she tweeted out, “I’ve a very Jewish attorney handling it [the case].” For years there is a stereo type of Jewish people where they are thought to be good with money and it is considered borderline racism, but you decide what you think of the whole situation.

2. Arrested For Larceny (Also Incompetence!)

Caroline Bedol

Well, a learned person should know, refusing to appear in the court after being summoned is a big no-no. The justice system doesn’t look kindly upon those who decide they can just skip a court date. In 2018 Caroline’s dog attacked another dog and when she was asked to appear in the court, she decided not to go which resulted in the court filing a larceny case and issuing an arrest warrant for the former yacht crew member. When asked about why she missed her court date, she said she was a little confused by the documents. The arrest warrant it seems is gone after she paid a fine but getting arrested for missing a court date is just pure stupidity.

1. Not Only Left, But Also Banned!

The last time we saw Caroline was in My Seanna and the people were looking forward to the reunion episode where the actress would make her return. Well, since she left the show, Caroline non-stop attacked Bravo TV and her former crew member, blaming them for not standing up for her while she was being verbally abused. Caroline was looking forward to the reunion episode where she would get to confront people about her time on the show and the way they treated her. Well, the whole thing never came to pass because Caroline was banned from the show and the producers said they were doing it for her mental health.

Caroline was also posting suicidal thoughts on her social media page and one of her fans called the police to check on her if she was doing okay. Caroline didn’t take kindly to the person on the internet calling the cops, just take the love Caroline, there are still some fans left of yours and they want the best for you. She seems to be doing okay lately and hopefully we will get to see her in something else, somewhere down the line.