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Ty Pennington Net Worth in 2021: Here's the Complete Breakdown

Published Wed Jan 27 2021 By Bran
Ty Pennington Net Worth in 2021: Here's the Complete Breakdown

How much is the net worth of TLC sensation Ty Pennington as we enter 2021?

The contributions of Ty Pennington in the world of television are nothing but immense as he hosted and featured in some top TV shows like 'Trading Spaces,' 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,' and 'The Revolution.' 

Over the course of his acting career, Georgia-born artist always kept on expanding his portfolio as he isn't just limited to a television personality, but he is also a book author, artist, and an extremely creative carpenter.

It all began for Ty Pennington in the early 2000s when he got the opportunity to showcase his talents as a home improver in TLC's highly anticipated show, 'Trading Spaces.' After being a pivotal part of the show for three years, his stature rose by a significant mile. 

Consequently, Ty became a popular figure with thousands of global fans and also garnered a colossal bank balance. Stay right here as we bring you some exclusive details regarding his net worth, salary, and source of finances.

Ty Pennington Is A Multi-Millionaire By Net Worth

There are numerous perks of getting to the top of the showbiz industry, and Ty Pennington is someone who enjoys the privilege of being on the highest level of the curve. 

Ty Pennington poses for a shirtless picture at the hills.

Ty Pennington owns a massive net worth of $12 million in 2021.
Photo Source: Pinterest

One of the most important benefits he enjoys as a recognized television personality is the fact that the career pays him significantly, which gave him the tag of a 'multi-millionaire.' Getting into the precise numbers, Ty Pennigton gathers a staggering net worth of $12 million as of January 2021.

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Thanks to such an enormous bank balance, Ty Pennington enjoys a lavish lifestyle without having anything to worry about expenditures. Since he still has aged by his side and is on-demand to host many shows, it is no surprise that his $12 million net worth will grow further in the future. 

According to statistics from Cheatsheet, the star from 'Trading Spaces' made around $35,000 to $40,000 per year when he was a part of the TLC network. In addition to his association with the Discovery Inc-owned channel, he also got the opportunity to host several shows on ABC, TNT, AND The Food Network.

Ty Pennington caught on the camera while speaking.

Ty Pennington rose to fame by appearing on TLC's 'Trading Spaces' in 2000.
Photo Source: TMZ

Ty Pennington's accomplishments as a home improver and a television host can also be reflected in his social media handle since over 92,000 people follow him on Instagram. 

The artist often posts unique pictures of his designs that he creates on several houses for a big chunk of money. As per his bio, you could find him in HGTV, Hulu, TLC, and Discovery Family in recent times. 

Ty Pennington Didn't Want To Be A Carpenter.

Yes, the heading surprised us equally as it did to you as Ty Pennington, who is one of the best home improvers and carpenters in the American land right now, actually wasn't sure to do it professionally. 

In fact, he wanted to become a graphics designer, which led him to transfer from Kennesaw State University to the Art Institute of Atlanta, where he completed his graduation with a bachelor's degree in graphic design.  

Ty Pennington poses a picture during a photoshoot.

Multi-millionaire Ty Pennington is in a long-term relationship with girlfriend Andrea Bock.
Photo Source: TV Insider

Ty Pennington's transition to the glamour world occurred in his final semester when different modeling scouts spotted his talents and offered him to be a part of them. Later, he did do several print jobs for J. Crew and Sprite before removing in television to promote brands like Diet Coke, Levi's, Macy's, and Bayer. 

As of now, the 56-year-old TLC star is blissfully dating a longtime girlfriend, Andrea Bock. Despite the fact that they have been dating for over two decades, it's quite astonishing how they haven't tied the knot yet.

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