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Victor Arroyo - Net Worth Details About The Celebrity Husband

Published Sun Mar 21 2021 By Bran
Victor Arroyo - Net Worth Details About The Celebrity Husband

How much is Victor Arroyo's net worth as we enter 2021?

Victor Arroyo holds a strong reputation as the cast of Big Brother 18 and the beloved husband of fellow contestant Nicole Franzel. The television sensation was one of the most popular contestants in the reality television show, maybe due to his funny and charismatic personality. You would be surprised to acknowledge how he even won America's Favorite Houseguest.

Victor Arroyo III was  born on April 20, 1991 in Slidell, Los Angeles. Over time, he earned himself  several nicknames such as 'Vic,' 'Battle Back Champion,' and ''Juan Snow.' In his campaign at Big Brother, the actor finished fifth after getting 13 votes against.

Therefore, stay right here as we bring you close to the net worth and status detail of Victor Arroyo.

Victor Arroyo's Staggering Net Worth Makes Him A Millionaire

Victor Arroyo in a blue shirt poses a picture.

Victor Arroyo amasses a net worth of $500,000.
Photo Source: Fandom

When it comes to finances and income, Victor Arroyo has absolutely nothing to worry about, all thanks to his resounding journey as a Big Brother member. The Los Angeles-based actor made around $1000 as a weekly stipend when he was in 'Big Brother.' 

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Getting into the specifics, Victor Arroyo amasses a whopping net worth of $500,000 as of March 2021. Interestingly, the six-figured bank balance that happened to be his value was equal to what his wife, Nicole Franzel, was worth. Besides his history in Big Brother, the television star has been a regular on several news on the entertainment sites, mostly because he is the husband of Nicole Franzel.

Victor Arroyo poses for a picture in Instagram.

Victor Arroyo has over 271,000 followers on his Instagram.
Photo Source: Instagram

Victor Arroyo's swagger and influence on Big Brother were enormous, giving him enough fame and fortune. In fact, he earned a whopping sum of $25,000 as a fan-favorite figure and an additional $5,500.

Victor Arroyo: Blissfully Married To Nicole Franzel

25-year-old Victor Arroyo is someone who is fortunate enough to have massive success in both his personal and professional life. The Big Brother 18 star is actually fortunate to be sharing his high-profile personal life with fellow co-star Nicole Franzel. After having to postpone their wedding thrice, the pair finally found the perfect wedding date on 16 March 2021. The celebrity couple is expecting their first child, as announced in January.

Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel pose a picture.

Victor Arroyo and Nicole Franzel are expecting their first child.
Photo Source: People

Arroyo and Franzel received widespread criticisms after having a maskless wedding amidst the threat of COVID-19, but the newlywed couple couldn't care less.

Victor Arroyo loves letting his fans know what he is up to with his active behavior on Instagram. At this date, the Big Brother star has over 271,000 followers on Instagram, which lets the trainer make a big chunk of wealth through advertisements and brand endorsements on the platform.

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