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Walker Hayes' Other Half: Meet Laney Beville Hayes, the Woman by His Side

Published Mon Jul 17 2023 By Bsgurung
Walker Hayes' Other Half: Meet Laney Beville Hayes, the Woman by His Side

Laney Beville Hayes played a significant role as her husband's main muse, supporting his aspirations as a music star. Their love story traces back to their elementary school days, marking a bond that has endured throughout the years. While their journey has been filled with heartwarming moments, it has also faced its share of challenges.

Through thick and thin, Laney has stood by her husband's side, providing unwavering support for his music career. This unwavering commitment has been vital in helping him navigate the ups and downs of the industry. Despite the difficulties they may have encountered along the way, their love and dedication have kept their relationship strong.

Laney Beville Hayes Always Believed in Walker Hayes's Dream

Laney Beville Hayes became an unwavering believer in Walker Hayes' dreams from the moment she heard him sing for the first time. His voice ignited a love and support for the country artist that has only grown stronger over time.

Laney Beville Hayes is the wife of the Walker Hayes
Image: Walker Hayes performing live for his wife, Laney Beville Hayes. Source: People

Their romance started in high school, and they eventually exchanged vows and embarked on building a family together. However, their journey was marred by tragedy in recent years with the heartbreaking loss of what would have been their seventh child.

Sweet Love Story With Husband Walker Hayes Since Childhood

Although Laney Beville Hayes and Walker Hayes' stories had their roots in elementary school, it wasn't until high school that they began talking and had their first date. Laney, a popular cheerleader, caught Walker's attention, but he was initially too nervous to approach her.

Their paths finally intertwined during a school production called "Little Shop of Horrors." It was during this time that Laney and Walker had a significant interaction. In a 2020 "Ask Me Anything" session on Instagram, they reminisced about their first meeting. Laney shared, "He started singing. I thought it was awesome."

Exchanged Wedding Vows in 2004

Walker, appreciative of Laney's compliment, reminisced about their first date during an interview on "The Bobby Bones Show." He shared a unique and memorable experience of visiting a Genie at a construction site. To commemorate the occasion, Walker drew a picture for Laney, a keepsake of their special night.

Walker Hayes and Laney Hayes
Image: Walker Hayes attending the award show with his wife, Laney Hayes. Source: Hearts App

The couple's connection deepened as they spent hours talking, getting to know each other. They continued to date for seven years, nurturing their relationship, before finally exchanging vows on June 12, 2004.

Number One Fan of Walker Hayes

One of Walker Hayes' notable songs inspired by Laney was titled "Don't Let Her." Released in 2019, the heartfelt lyrics resonated with many listeners, showcasing the depth of their love. The song's impact led to an interview on "The Bobby Bones Show," where Laney joined her husband, further highlighting their connection.

However, "Don't Let Her" was not the first hit song that Laney inspired. Following Walker's win at the CMT awards ceremony, where notable stars like Lainey Wilson and Rachel Smith were in attendance, he released "Face In The Crowd." This love ballad served as Walker's heartfelt expression to Laney, assuring her that despite his rising success, she remained his number one priority.

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How Many Kids Does Laney Beville Hayes Have? 

The couple, Laney and Walker Hayes have six children whose ages range from 16 to 7 years old as of last year. The specific birth order of their children is unknown, but they have three boys and three girls. Their names are Lela, Chapel, Baylor, Beckett, Everly, and Loxley. Well, their names are as follows Beckett, Chapel, Everly, Chapel, Loxley, and Baylor.

Laney Beville and Walker Hayes have six children
Image: All of the Laney Beville and Walker Hayes Kids. Source: Twitter

Laney has taken on the responsibility of homeschooling their children, as the couple opted to forego childcare due to financial constraints. Meanwhile, Walker has been actively involved in their children's extracurricular activities, showcasing his support and participation.

The family also shares a common love for the Tennessee Titans football team. They enjoyed the experience of attending a game together as a family unit in December 2020, creating cherished memories.

Did Laney Hayes and Walker Hayes Lose Their Seventh Child? 

In early 2018, Walker and Laney Hayes eagerly anticipated the arrival of their seventh baby. However, their joy turned into heartbreak when Laney experienced complications during childbirth. Despite their excitement, tragedy struck as Laney gave birth to a stillborn baby girl, whom they named Oakleigh Klover.

The devastating news was delivered to Walker by a nurse, but amidst his shock and grief, he also learned that Laney's life was in jeopardy. Laney had suffered a uterine tear, leading to the loss of their baby and putting her own life at risk. Thankfully, Laney survived the traumatic ordeal, but she had to navigate the difficult process of grieving for her youngest child while also focusing on her recovery.

Laney Beville Hayes Age/Parents/Education/Bio

Laney Beville Hayes is an American who was born in the United States, and she has a white ethnic background. However, specific details about her birthday are not available in the public domain. From pictures, it appears that Laney falls within the age range of 35 to 40 years old.

Walker Hayes wife
Image: The beautiful wife of the singer, Walker Hayes. Source: Instagram

Information regarding Laney's parents, siblings, educational background, hometown, childhood games, and favorite sport remains undisclosed. As a private individual, Laney has chosen to keep these personal aspects of her life out of the public eye, focusing on her role as a supportive wife and dedicated mother to her children.

Net Worth of Laney Beville Hayes

While specific information about Laney Beville Hayes' occupation and net worth is not available, her husband Walker Hayes is a highly talented country music singer and songwriter with an estimated net worth of $4.5 million. His estimated annual income is over $150,000 through his overall projects including record sales and concerts. 

Throughout their journey, the family has encountered various challenges and hardships as Walker's career has risen, but they have remained a close-knit unit, supporting one another. The bond shared by Laney and Walker, along with their children, is evident in their commitment to each other and their unwavering support.

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