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What Happened To Stan Uris In Stephen King's 1986 Horror Novel IT?

Published Mon Aug 12 2019 By Travis
What Happened To Stan Uris In Stephen King's 1986 Horror Novel IT?

Stan Uris is a vital member of the Stephen King novel, find out what happens to him in the novel and in the upcoming movie!

The movie IT was one of the most horrible experiences inside the theatre for us in a pretty long time. We mean horrible in the sense of what was happening on screen and not about the story. IT was one of the best horror movies we watched, and the whole film was possible because of the brilliant performance by Bill Skarsgard but also the friendship between the members of the Loser’s Club. The friends and their battle against Pennywise are what made the movie so visceral and scary, but there was one member of the Loser’s Club who was skeptical about the existence of the monster in Derry, 'Stan Uris'.

Stan Uris.
Stan Uris is a vital member of the Loser's Club. (Source: Fandom)

Spoilers ahead!

Stan suffered one of the most gruesome fates in the books as well as the 1990 limited series. With IT: Chapter 2 coming out on 6 September and we being only about 20 days from the world premiere, one thing was missing from the terrifying trailer which debuted at the San Diego Comin-con for the movie, adult version of Stan played by Andy Bean.

In the book as well as the movie, Stan suffers from OCD, and he is also the only member of the group who does not believe the existence of Pennywise until he sees it for himself. Though he is the skeptical one, he is also the most scared member of the group who suffers from the attack of Pennywise. In the movie when the group defeats the killer clown Stan is one who is most hurt, the last scene we see is of him all bandaged up as the group makes a blood oath to come back to Derry in 27 years.

Watch: The trailer for IT: Chapter 2

In the sewers after the Losers attack Pennywise, Stan gets injured by the clown, and you can see the fear in the kid, something which will haunt him for a lifetime. The fact he was so scared following the events is bound to scar anyone for their whole life.

Since the movie is not out yet, we are going off trailers and the source material to figure out where Stan is. After 27 years, Pennywise returns to the town like he always does and causes havoc on the town like the guys expected back when they were little. Every member of the Loser’s Club got out of the town and went on to live elsewhere with only 'Mike' staying back in their childhood town. Stan moved away to Atlanta where he got married to Patricia and started on an accounting job which was finally a semblance of a normal life for Stan.

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Stan was injured by Pennywise in the movie. (Source: Tumblr)

In the Stephen King novel, Pennywise is back after 27 years, and the small and quite life Stan created for himself gets ruined. Stan suppressed all the memories of the evil clown; he pushed it all down deep within himself, so he doesn’t need to deal with it. But when Pennywise returns back to Derry and Mike asks everyone to come back to the town, all the suppressed memories Stan tried so hard to suppress within himself, come flooding back and overwhelms Stan.

He cannot deal with the past horrific memories; the fear of Pennywise coming back to get him is too much for Stan to bear. In the book at the start of the second chapter of IT, Stan, overwhelmed by fear and pain, slashes his wrist and marks a T on his forearm. He writes IT on the wall with his blood and dies in the bathroom.

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In the trailer, when we see the adult version of the Losers together, they are all sitting in a restaurant. Six of them are laughing, and their plates are full but closer to the screen, there is one chair and plate which is empty. It was confirmed Stan is moving to Atlanta and he is getting an accounting job so we can be certain the same fate from the book and the 1990 TV series is waiting for Stan in It: Chapter 2.

Losers probably didn’t want to come to Derry again, and Mike’s pleading was making no effect so Stan’s death will be the catalyst which spurs the group into action. Pennywise was the reason for their friend’s death, and they need to get rid of the killer clown once and for all, for everyone’s sake.