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What is A J Buckley's Net Worth? Learn About His Earnings Too

Published Thu Dec 23 2021 By shirayoky
What is A J Buckley's Net Worth? Learn About His Earnings Too

A J Buckley's net worth uncovered: Complete facts here! 

Best known for playing Adam Ross on CSI: NY's television drama, A J. Buckely, is an Irish-born Canadian actor. His notable credits include Disturbing Behavior, alongside actress Katie Holmes, romance flick Jimmy and Judy, Home sweet hell, narcos, The Good Dinosaur, Tales, SEAL Team and many more.

A J. Buckley was born on February 9, 1977, in Dublin, Ireland, with the name of Alan John Buckley. A J. is an actor and director. As a teenager, Buckley began his acting career in The Odyssey's television series, followed by guest roles in The X-Files and Millennium. Please look at his career and accumulated net worth to understand his successful career better.

What is A J. Buckley's net worth in 2021?  

A J. Buckley's has an estimated net worth of $2 million in 2021. The "Adam Ross" star has accumulated a larger portion of his fortune via his acting career, spending almost 21 years.

Photoshoot for the SEAL Team

Photoshoot for the SEAL Team.
Photo source: IMDB

Buckley appeared in the 1998 sci-fi thriller Disturbing Behavior opposite actress Katie Holmes. In 2001 he starred in an independent film, Extreme Days, a romantic comedy-drama. In 2005, Buckley was offered the role of Adam Ross in the hit drama CSI: NY. The role was supposed to be recurring, but he was offered a five-year contract at the end of the show's third season in 2007. Before receiving the role of Adam Ross, Buckley appeared as a different character in the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation in a 2004 episode.

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A. J. Buckley's anecdote proves that he has been nominated eleven times for the Academy Awards and has achieved great success in both writing and acting.

CSI: NY's television drama

CSI: NY's television drama.
Photo source: IMDB

He has appeared in many sci-fi/horror TV series, including Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Fox's The X-Files and Millennium, and CW's Supernatural. He also owns a film and television production company called Fourfront Productions and is a co-owner and frequent contributor to Scene magazine in Louisiana as per Tvguide.

A. J. Buckley plays Adam Ross in the hit drama CSI: NY.
Photo source: IMDB

The other remarkable work of A.J. Buckley includes the novels The DaVinci Code, A Time to Kill, A Darkness More Than Night, A Time of the Outdoors, and A Streetcar Named Desire. The son of A.J. Buckley is called Zach, after the writer of A Time to Kill, and is known for his comic book collection; We Are Marshall. The curiosity of A.J. Buckley shows that his family is from Ireland. His family moved to Ohio when A.J. Buckley was a little boy.

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