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Who is Anne Terzian's Husband? Know About Her Husband

Published Mon Mar 15 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Anne Terzian's Husband? Know About Her Husband

Who is Anne Terzian's Husband? Know Everything About Her Husband! 

Anne Terzian was a regular civilian but married to a renowned American actor, drummer, and disc jockey named Robert Edward Crane,popularly known as  Bob Crane. Bob's name and the story associated with him had frightened the whole of America to their soul in the 1960s

Unlike today's tabloid that is hell-bent on searching every nook and corner of a celebrity's life, it wasn't the case in the 1900s. Hence, there are no reports on Anne Terzian that could unravel her life and explain her bond with Bob Crane.

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All that is known is Anne was Bob's high school sweetheart, and they got married in 1949; the couple had 3 kids, namely Robert, Deborah, and Karen. Bob and Anne's marriage ended when he committed infidelity with one of his co-stars and later married her. 

Who was Bob Crane - Terzian's Husband?

Born in Waterbury, Connecticut, Crane was an extremely talented kid. At 11, he had mastered playing the drum and knew he was headed for a successful life.  

Bob in a black and white frame

Bob Crane was a famous American actor, drummer, and disc jockey. 
Photo Source: Wikipedia

Bob started his career by working at radio broadcasting and soon made his way into hosting shows until he was offered a starring role in the television sitcom "Hogan's Heroes," from where his career took off. And also where he met his second wife Patricia Olson, and the duo had two children.

Anne Terzian's Husband Bob Crane's Downfall   

Three decades later, and Americans still remember Anne Terzian's husband Bob as a young talented but depraved pervert. Many think that he dug his own grave with wrong choices and by letting wrong people have influence over his life.  

Bob met John Carpenter, a sales manager, while working in Hogan's Heroes. The noxious combination of the two ended up ruining both of their lives.  

Bob in his role

 Anne Terzian's husband Bob Crane was bludgeoned to death in an apartment, and the case is unsolved to date. 
Photo Source: People

The duo began soon began their eerie journey of documenting porn and indulgingthemselves in a lot of hideous acts. Crane would take advantage of his stardom and hook up with random women and videotape them to create his own porn collection. 

Anne's spouse Bob's career soon went downhill, and the actor, in a way to compensate for his failing career, started exploring his fetishes and continued with the pornography along with John until it all came to an end one day in the worst way possible. 

Bob Crane's Gruesome Murder and The Unsolved Mystery 

On June 29th, 1978, Bob Crane was found bludgeoned to death in an apartment in Scottsdale. The murder still remains a mystery to date because the murder weapon was never discovered, and the crime scene yielded almost no clues. 

The only possible suspect now was Carpenter, who was arrested because of some circumstantial evidence and Bob's son Robert's testimony against him but was released and found innocent.  

 Robert Crane, in his book, speculated his father's second wife Olsen as a possible suspect.
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Robert Crane, in his 2015 book,"Crane: sex, celebrity, and my father's unsolved murder," wrote of his speculation on his father's second widow, Olsen, who could have a role in instigating his father's murder. Robert reasons, only Olsen could benefit from Bob's death, as he left his entire estate to Olsen in his will.  

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Robert keeps this theory as his mere speculation and declares his father's case unsolved to date. Following his death, Bob's wife Anne Terzian went on to live a low-key life with most of her personal and professional details kept as a mystery.

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