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Who is Juan Williams's Wife? Learn Everything Right Here!

Published Thu Feb 04 2021 By Danile
Who is Juan Williams's Wife? Learn Everything Right Here!

Is journalist Juan Williams's married? Who is his wife? Know it right here!

Juan Williams is one of the prominent figures in American media. He is one of the leading political analysts and a regular panelist on Fox News. A Haverford College graduate, he worked as a writer for several daily newspaper companies, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Furthermore, he was an editorial writer, an op-ed columnist, a White House correspondent, and a national correspondent. 

At present, he is a regular host of "The Five" and a regular panelist in political discussions. Looking at the veteran journalist's cv, you cannot help but admit that he's had an illustrious career. 

But having a successful professional life does not necessarily mean that you will have similar success in your personal life too. Well, then what about the 67-year-old man's life, does he have a happy family life? If so, then who does he share it with? Get all the information in the following section! 

Married With Wife For Many Years

Juan Williams is indeed a married man and has been in a marital relationship with his wife, Susan Delise. His partner Susan is a non-celeb and lives a low-profile life.

The duo first met and got to know each other in college. After getting to know one another, they began dating, and a few years after graduation, they became hitched. 

Juan Williams has been married with his spouse Susan Delise for a longtime.

Juan Williams is relishing a happy married life with his wife Susan Delise for decades.

Juan and Susan walked down the aisle in the presence of their family and friends in July 1978. Since their wedding, the two have been living a blissful married life and have been continuing to do the same to this day.  

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It has been over forty years into their marriage, there have been no rumors or controversies surrounding the couple's relationship. We hope the lovely pair continue to share the same level of love between them in the many years to come!

Has Three Children And Grandkids 

After years of marriage, it is normal to assume that Juan Williams likely has kids. So, how many does he have? 

The White House correspondent has three children with his wife. His kids are; one daughter Rae Williams and two sons Antonio Williams and Raphael Williams

Juan's son Antonio is a politician and previously worked as a Senate Page and intern for GOP Senator Strom Thurmond Sr. Furthermore, he was a speechwriter and legislative correspondent for Republican Senator Norm Coleman from 2004 to 2006.

Juan Williams with his three kids.

Juan Williams with his daughter Rae Williams (right) and sons Antonio Williams (left) and Raphael Williams (middle).
Photo Source: Celeb Suburb

The journalist's second son Raphael at the moment is working as a press secretary to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. Before, he served as the communication director for Republican Party member Dan Benishedk's 2012 congressional campaign and also at the House Rules Committee. However, Williams's daughter Rae lives a low-key life, which is why little has been learned about her. 

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The author is also a grandfather of three grandchildren; two granddaughters and a grandson born from his kids.

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