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Who is Kevin Boutte Married to? Detail About his Relationship

Published Mon Dec 13 2021 By shirayoky
Who is Kevin Boutte Married to? Detail About his Relationship

Learn about Kevin Boutte's marital status as of 2021? Here's the detail

Kevin Boutte is an American actor known for his role as a zombie in the movie "Death Valley: The revenge of bloody billy" (2004), but rather than as an actor, he got his prominence through his Spouse. Kevin gained fame through his popular wife, Denise Boutte, a well-known TV entertainer like many other people.

Kevin Boutte was born in the USA, holds an American nationality. Unfortunately, information regarding his birthplace and birthdate aren't disclosed online and, as his birthdate is hidden away, we cannot give his actual age. Besides, his information not much of his family's information is revealed as well; we can see that Kevin is a very secretive person and keeps all his personal information like parents, siblings, education, and early life under the curtains. Kevin is not socially active on any social media sites and has not made any social media accounts till now.

While his work on-screen has been minimal, how much public is his personal life; let's get on with the details of the article and see who is his partner and if he has any kid or not. 

Kevin Boutte's relationship with Denise Boutte 

Kevin Bouttee is a married man and is in a marital relationship with Denise Bouttee. As mentioned above, his wife Denise is an American actress and model best known for her works in Meet  the Browns, Never and Again, and For the Love of Ruth

The pair tied the knot in 2003. Besides this, not much of the information about their wedding ceremony and reception is revealed online. However, the couple is regarded as one of the best in Hollywood; both of them love and respect each other in every way as they both have loving and caring personalities.

Kevin Boutte with his wife, Denise 
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The duo have been regarded as a good couple among the people, for their lovely connection and many people perceive good impression from their relationship. Regarded as one of the good couples that remained in Hollywood, many fans are eager to know more about their relationship condition

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The actor's relationship has the tendency to Detroit faster than others, leading to divorce or breakup due to affairs and other things. Still, neither Kevin nor Denise are involved in extra-marital affairs or other relationships. 

Kevin  Boutte and his wife, Denise Boutte. 
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The couple has been living together with love and harmony and has completed over 16 years of their marriage; for 10 years, the couple couldn't have a baby even after their marriage, but finally, in 2011, the couple was blessed with a baby girl. And, Denise gave her the sweet name Jordan Simone

Who is Denise Boutte

Denise Boutte is an American actress and producer known for her debut role in Why Did I Get Married (2007), Extreme Movie (2008) and Young Justice (2010). Denise also played the role of Sasha Brown in the sitcom "Meet the Browns" from 2009 to 2011. Kevin came into the highlight after his wife started her career as an actress became more successful along the way.

Denise Boutte's Profile shot
Photo Source: Hollywood life

Denise told how difficult it was to manage time for her daughter and husband at that time during an interview. Furthermore, according to Denise, she gave her total effort to keep their love long-lasting and never fight over small issues, to which Kevin gave as much effort as well, which resulted, a good impression on their daughter Jordan.

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