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Who is Lucy Verasamy's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Someone in 2021? Find it All Here

Published Fri Mar 26 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Lucy Verasamy's Boyfriend? Is She Dating Someone in 2021? Find it All Here

Find Everything About Lucy Verasamy's Boyfriend! Who Is She Dating In 2021?  

Best known for being a forecaster for SKY, Lucy Verasamy is a renowned English weather forecaster and a presenter. She currently works at the ITV weather, ITV racing and is a host for Good Morning Britain. 

Lucy Verasamy was born on 2 August,1980,in King's Lynn,Norfolk. She graduated from Brunel University with a BSc (Hons) degree in Geography. Lucy rarely posts anything about her personal life on social media but the forecaster's relationships and her rumored love interest aren't a secret in the industry. 

Who Is Lucy Verasamy Dating In 2021? 

We've all resorted to doing things that need expert's assistance on our own during this pandemic; in a similar context, Lucy too shared a clip of her life in lockdown. The forecaster took to Twitter to unveil a new haircut given by her boyfriend.  


Lucy and collegue

 Lucy credited her new mystery boyfriend for her lockdown haircut in a recent clip. 
Photo Source: Marrieddivorce

She credits her boyfriend by saying  "I did the front and my boyfriend did the back. A shaky start but it all worked out."The 40 years old doesn't mention her boyfriend's name and fans on Twitter can't stop nagging the presenter to reveal the name already.  

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Also, she was linked to a rival BBC weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker recently; she didn't respond to the rumor as of now. Hence, it is not known if she is dating a colleague or a person from the rival channel; Lucy continues to keep her boyfriend's name a mystery. 

Lucy Verasamy's Boyfriends In The Past   

Lucy Verasamy was pictured sharing a close relationship with her co-host Alex Beresford in the past and there were reports and articles released on the forecaster duo dating each other; Lucy even then chose not to pay heed to the rumors and didn't make any statement.   

Lucy in a frame

 Lucy in past was linked with Alex Beresford,who is now married. 
Photo Source: Thecelebcloset

Apart from the two names,Lucy's boyfriends' sheet is pretty much empty, and the meteorologist had commented on people taking extra interest in a working woman's love life. 

She had further stated, "It's weird because people often think they know me because they see me on TV all the time." clearly laying her reluctance in letting people know anything personal about her. 

Lucy Verasamy's Career   

Lucy in talk with an interviewer had said she had studied geography and earth sciences at University but she enjoyed the meteorological element of her subjects. 

Lucy Verasamy never studied pure meteorology and instead got herself some work experience by working at a press association's weather department. 


Lucy posing for a camera

 Lucy Verasamy now presents for the ITV racing team as a weather expert.
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Verasamy soon landed herself a gig in the Sky News,where her talents were recognized and she was made a regular weather presenter in the channel.

In 2010,Lucy found herself in a better position in the ITV Breakfast program "Daybreak"as a weather forecaster and environment correspondent. Lucy now,works for the ITV racing team as a weather expert and also hosts Good Morning Britain as a relief weather presenter. 

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In 2020, Lucy was offered a role to be a co-star host of Philip Scholfield's new show "How to Spend it well on Holiday," it was set to air in March 2020 but was pulled last minute because of covid 19, the show is now in talks of releasing later this year. 

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