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Laura Tobin's Married Life - Who Is Her Husband In 2021?

Published Thu Mar 18 2021 By Bran
Laura Tobin's Married Life - Who Is Her Husband In 2021?

Is Laura Tobin Married to a husband, dating a boyfriend, or is she still single? Let's find out.

Laura Elizabeth Tobin, aka Lauren Tobin, is one of Britain's finest television personalities, who has a history of working for the BBC. While she worked at the BBC in the fast, the 39-year-old meteorologist currently presents the weather bulletins for the highly-rated 'Good Morning Britain.'

Being a broadcasting meteorologist is no cakewalk as the profession is extremely challenging and demanding. And, that is why Laura Tobin deserves all the respect in this world as the inspiring woman went out of her comfort zone and burnt the midnight oil for years to get to the very top. While she might be working at the ITP in 2021, marking her eighteenth year professionally. 

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As one of Good Morning Britain's faces, Tobin has occasionally made it to the headlines following her spicy debates with former host, Piers Morgan. Her soaring fame and popularity have also put her personal life in for a great subject of interest for the media and public.

Laura Tobin: Blissfully Married

Laura Tobin poses a picture with a champagne.

Laura Tobin is the mother of one daughter named Charlotte.
Photo Source: Instagram

There has been a common trend where many celebrity figures in journalism and the showbiz sector haven't managed to keep a perfect balance between professional and personal life. Luckily, that's not the case with Laura Tobin, as the TV star is a happily married woman. 

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Many of Laura Tobin's followers and fans have been widely interested in knowing who the charming meteorologist is married to. Cutting right to the chase, the 39-year-old television personality is blissfully married to a man named Dean Brown. The pair tied the knot at a lavish wedding ceremony on 13  August 2010. Surprisingly, they prefer to keep their romantic affair details under the radar, which is why not much is ever disclosed in their relationship. 

Laura Tobin caught on the camera presenting.

Laura Tobin presents weather bulletins on 'Good Morning Britain.'
Photo Source: Instagram

As per several reports, Laura Tobin and her husband, Dean Brown, were actually lovers from their college. In fact, the pair first crossed paths in Reading University, from where they started dating at first. 

Laura Tobin And Her Husband Started A Family

Unlike Laura Tobin, her spouse, Dean Brown, didn't work in the showbiz sector; that is why there isn't a clue on what the celebrity husband does for a living. However, what we know is the fact that the pair share an adorable child together. 

Laura Tobin and her daughter Charlotte.

Laura Tobin and Dean Brown exchanged their vows to get married in August 2010.
Photo Source: Instagram

Laura and her husband Brown welcomed their first and only child yet, a daughter, Charlotte Blossom, in May 2017. She was born prematurely, but it wasn't an issue for them later on under the best medical assistance. You would find it fascinating how the Good Morning Britain presenter previously said how she sees babies as 'scary.' 

Eleven years in, Laura Tobin is very happy in her married life with her university beau. She did say how her partner wasn't 'intense,' a character uncommon on the guys she dated in the past, which helped both of them to grow together.

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