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Who is Mireddys González? Know The Details on Daddy Yankee's Wife

Published Mon Jun 19 2023 By Bsgurung
Who is Mireddys González? Know The Details on Daddy Yankee's Wife

Mireddys González, born on January 19, 1977, is a Puerto Rican Instagram Content Creator, Chief Executive Officer, and Celebrity Partner hailing from San Juan. She is widely known as the spouse of Daddy Yankee, a renowned Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, and record producer.

Apart from her husband's name, Mireddys has made a name for herself as an Instagram Content Creator and holds the position of Chief Executive Officer in her professional endeavors. Her relationship with Daddy Yankee has garnered attention, given his prominent status in the music world.

High School Lovers Turned Into Life Partners

Mireddys and the singer known for the hit song "Dura" are high school sweethearts. They began dating many years ago and eventually tied the knot on March 20, 1995.

Mireddys Gonzalez husband, Daddy Yankee
Image: Mireddys Gonzalez with her husband, Daddy Yankee attending the football game. Source: Instagram

In a tribute honoring their 25th wedding anniversary in 2020, Mireddys González shared a throwback photo and wrote in Spanish, "25 years ago, I made the best decision of my life with the most beautiful man in the world." 

She expressed her feelings of love, respect, and admiration for Daddy Yankee, stating that he is the dream husband of every woman.

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Shares Two Kids With Despacito Singer

González and Daddy Yankee became parents when they welcomed their daughter Jesaaelys in June 1996. 

Mr. and Mrs. Yankee became parents after welcoming their first child in June 1996. Their first child was a daughter, Jesaaelys Yankee. Jesaaelys is very much happy with her parents and often expresses her gratitude towards the parents. In 2020 during her parents' anniversary, she captioned an Instagram post stating, 

"I am incredibly grateful to God for having exceptional parents like you who have always taught us the most important aspects of life, such as values, respect, the importance of keeping God at the center of everything, and being grateful for all that we have."

The duo welcomed their second child son, Jeremy in May 1998. On Jeremy's 17th birthday in 2015, González shared a collage of photos of her youngest child on Instagram. The caption read, "Happy Birthday to my 17-year-old baby who is celebrating his special day today. May God always take care of you and bless you with good health!"

Celebrating More Than Two Decade Long Romance

For sure Mr. and Mrs. Yankee are with each other for more than two decades. In exact they are married for twenty-eight years. Daddy Yankee has frequently referred to his wife as a "jefa," which translates to "female boss." 

To celebrate their 23rd wedding anniversary in 2018, the singer wrote a heartfelt message to González. In English, it read, "Because a jefe (male boss) needs a good jefa (female boss). With God's blessing, anniversary #23."

Did Mireddys Gonzalez Inspired Daddy Yankee's Career?

The Puerto Rican rapper has expressed that González is "the true inspiration" behind his career. In December 2022, Daddy Yankee took to Instagram to pay a heartfelt tribute to his wife. 

Daddy Yankee is a rapper
Image: Daddy Yankee chilling in his new look. Source: Instagram

He shared a montage of the couple, including adorable videos from their time touring together. In the audio, he listed all the reasons he is grateful for his wife.

The caption of the post read: "I want to remind the world who was the true inspiration of my career. @mireddys

The Reaction of Mireddys Gonzalez After Daddy Yankee Announced The Retirement

When Daddy Yankee announced his retirement from music in March 2022, González revealed that she had "mixed feelings." She shared her husband's announcement video on Instagram and wrote in Spanish,

 "Today I have mixed feelings, I am HAPPY and SAD!!!! It is ironic that on a day like today, March 20, as we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary, I hear you tell the WORLD that you are retiring from MUSIC which has been your passion for these last three decades. 

Soon it will be your turn to say goodbye to the stage. You have enjoyed Daddy Yankee for so long, but now it's up to Raymond Ayala to enjoy what he's built." She added, "Sometimes endings are the beginning of great things."

Mireddys Gonzalez is the Former CEO of El Cartel Records

The celebrity wife owns a company, Hi BOdy alongside her friend, Michelle Matos. At the age of 44, Mireddys came up with the business idea after successfully losing 23 pounds using Hi Body products herself. 

Mireddys Gonzalez is business woman
Image: Mireddys Gonzalez with her friend and co-owner of the Hi Body. Source: Instagram

Alongside her partner Matos, Daddy Yankee's wife is involved in an initiative to inspire and motivate other women. In early 2022, Matos and Gonzalez launched a social media campaign called "The real boss is You," aimed at promoting products related to women's health. 

Through this movement, they advocate for women's well-being and also emphasize the importance of mental health. Previously, Mireddys held the position of CEO/Manager at El Cartel Records, her husband's company.

The Net Worth of Mireddys Gonzalez is $5 Million

Daddy Yankee is indeed considered the wealthiest reggaeton artist in the world, with a reported net worth of over $40 million. However, specific information regarding his longtime wife's net worth is difficult to find. 

Mireddys Gonzalez has net worth of $5 Million.
Image: Mireddys Gonzalez posing for the picture in the Gym with her new hairstyle. Source: Instagram

Some reports suggest that Mireddys González has an estimated net worth of around $5 million as of 2023. It's important to note that net worth figures can vary and may not always be accurately reported.

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