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Who is Reykon's Girlfriend? Learn all the Details of His Relationship Here

Published Thu May 06 2021 By Tashipalmo
Who is Reykon's Girlfriend? Learn all the Details of His Relationship Here

Reykon's Girlfriend In 2021 And All Details On his Romantic Life; Find It All Here! 

Born Andrés Felipe Robledo Londoño on December 12, 1986, he is popularly known as Reykon. Setting out for a music career, he took his shot while still in high school. Reykon founded a group called RTM in 2002, an effort which went in vain.   

Internationally acclaimed for his hit singles like "Se Aloca," "Te Gateo," Mi Noche," and many, he is an award-winning Columbian reggaeton performer.  

He finally opted to go solo in 2007 and became a hot name in Columbia in the course of two years with his single "La Santa." The singer/songwriter has now worked with bigger Latino names like Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, Nicky Jam. Continue reading to dive into this rising star's love and life and a lot more. 

Reykon Relationship Status In 2021!   

The reggae singer has garnered a huge fan base inside and outside his native Columbia over the years. With more than 5 million followers on Instagram, young girls and women make up for the larger section of his fans.   

Reykon for a shoot

 Pioneer of reggaeton, Reykon has collaborated with stars like Karol G, Sofia Reyes, and more.
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Reykon may be known for collaborating with some of the sexiest Latinas like Karol G, Sofia Reyes, Oana and for featuring perfect models in his music video. Reykon, however, is portraying his personal life in the exact contrary way.  

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The "Senorita" singer lives a flamboyant life, as apparent from his social media, and has also kept his personal and romantic life away from the public's eye. The Columbian singer's relationship status in 2021 is therefore single.  

Reykon's Past Relationships!  

Regarded as the pioneer of Reggaeton, Reykon's dating history is surprisingly too clean to be true. The 34-years-old singer has spent more than a decade in the music industry and has never attracted any dating rumors so far.   

reykon's music video

Reykon's relationship status in 2021 is single. 
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He has kept quiet about his romances and continues to do so. Hence, from looking at records and sources available, Reykon hasn't had any relationship that is known in the public domain. But the singer hasn't completely dodged headlines and debates on him.   

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Reykon has been in the news lately because of his much-awaited match with the entrepreneur turned boxer Joe Fournier.  Following an altercation with Fournier in Miami, the two had agreed to a boxing match to settle scores. 

Reykon VS Joe Fournier!  

The match between the two was dubbed unfair and a scuffle between pro and amateur boxer. Joe and Reykon reportedly got into a beef over a lady at a nightclub in Miami.   

Reykon and fournier

Reykon recently fought a boxing match with boxer and entrepreneur Joe Fournier. 
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Fournier, an experienced boxer, and Reykon, an amateur with none, the result of the match was anticipated beforehand. Joe was surprised at Reykon's grit to fight him. The boxer talking about Reykon said, "I can’t tell if he’s really brave or really stupid."  

The match as expected ended with Joe appearing as the winner. But people and Joe himself were impressed with Reykon's spirit, who stood up again after the first knockdown.  

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