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Who is Sophie Lloyd the Guitarist dating? Did Lloyd hook up with MGK?

Published Mon Feb 20 2023 By Bsgurung
Who is Sophie Lloyd the Guitarist dating? Did Lloyd hook up with MGK?

Sophie Lloyd is an American musician and guitarist with a global fan following base. With her talents, she has attracted a huge crowd and collaborated with several known musicians worldwide. Her music genre falls mostly in metal and punk and has influenced several female musicians to achieve their dreams. 

Lloyd's favorite bands include Iron Maiden, Misfits, Pantera, and Black Label Society. These bands helped her to focus on music, says Sophie. In 2018, she launched her first EP, Delusions, with the help of producer Jason Wilson. That particular Ep has over 5 Million views on her YouTube channel. Now, let's dig into detail about the guitarist's life and find out who she is dating. 

Who is Sophie Lloyd, the Guitarist, dating? Know About Sophie's Boyfriend

Sophie Lloyd is often part of the limelight through her incredible shredding skills. Her looks and talents are mostly praised by the viewers, who support her to the fullest. With her popularity, people frequently wonder about her love life and affair. Well, the wait is over, the sexy guitarist in the committed relationship. 

MGK guitarist, Sophie Lloyd is dating her drummer The Painter
Image: Guitarist Sophie Lloyd with her boyfriend, The Painter.
Source: Instagram

Currently, Lloyd is dating her long-time boyfriend, The Painter, AKA Christopher. He is an English rock and roll drummer with great skills. Taking a glimpse into their love life, Lloyd first encountered her boyfriend in 2016

As part of BIMM students, Sophie and her now-boyfriend learned about each other. Christopher and his rockstar girlfriend started grooming their music. Having similar interests, Lloyd and her partner soon enrolled in a sweet relationship. 

On 20th January 2018, they officially confirmed their love affair. Shortly after that, Sophie revealed that The Painter was her official drummer. They announced their romance through their respective social media accounts. They never fail to upload one another's pictures on their separate social media accounts. 

How is Love Life Going On?

Being part of a musical band, Sophie Lloyd and Christoper often travel to various destinations together for concerts. Beyond England, the pair have toured Paris, New York, Egypt, Tokyo, and several places for musical awareness and quality time. 

Sophie Lloyd is dating Christopher Painter since 2018
Image: Sophie Lloyd and her partner, Christopher Painter, spending quality time together.
Source: Instagram

Further, the musical duo supports one another to the fullest they often create beautiful music together. Also, people love their chemistry inside and outside of the band. Lloyd and Painter have been together for more than four years.

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They share great connections throughout the year. However, they are still far from accepting one another as husband and wife. Shortly, we surely see the drummer proposing to his love of life. But they are still rolling in the beats and lost in the notes.

Who is Sophie Lloyd's Boyfriend, The Painter? 

The Painter is a well-settled name in the world of music. Although he is not the most hyped drummer, his skills are amazing. Christopher was born on 21st October 1989, in London, England. He was born to his mother, Marion, and a father, Russell Painter, who supports his passion. 

The Painter is drummer of the Sophie Lloyd personal band
Image: Sophie Lloyd drummer The Painter, Aka Christopher Painter. Source: Instagram

Being a London kid, he enrolled in a local Broomfield and earned his secondary-level education. In 2012, the drummer earned his graduation from the University of Hertfordshire. He studied Bachelor of Science in Sound Design Technology at that particular University. 

Later he joined BIMM in the Senior Estates and Facilities and met his love of life, Sophie. Since 2018, he has been serving as a full-time drummer for Lloyd's band. The painter often shares his drumming videos on his YouTube account with over 2K followers. 

Joining the Machine Gun Kelly Family

Sophie Lloyd's biggest break in the music industry was after signing up with the famous singer and rapper Machine Gun Kelly. In May 2022, she officially joined the MGK band, which both parties announced through their social media accounts. 

Machie Gun Kelly with his guitarist, Sophie Lloyd
Image: Sophie Lloyd performing with Machine Gun Kelly during live concerts. Source: Instagram

The blonde guitarist has been rocking in MGK's tours since she joined the band. Lloyd even joined the singer in his Mainstream Sellout Tour last and showed her talents. Along with the Machine, the guitarist was the most highlighted musician on tour. 

Did Sophie Lloyd and MGK Hook Up?

MGK and his fiance, Megan Fox, an American actress, are part of huge media attention. After the actress deletes all his pictures and deactivates Instagram, people speculate whether they are calling off their wedding. However, neither of the parties has broken the silence regarding the news. Many fans are pointing out that Lloyd was the main reason for their break up

The guitarist is pretty physically attracted to women, in which fans started a huge rumor regarding the hooking up. In one the Megan's Instagram posts, one user wrote, "He Probably got with Sophie," which Fox backfired; "maybe I got with Sophie." The guitarist surely finds herself in the middle of all the allegations, but neither of the parties has spoken regarding the rumor.

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Social Media Involements

Sophie Lloyd is a talented musician who amassed a huge name and fame. Most of her popularity came from the social media world in which she is highly active. Her Facebook account has over 349 Followers and is highly loved by her fans. In her TikTok, the guitarist often shares her smooth skills. 

Sophie Lloyd has almost 900K followers in her Instagram and YouTube account
Image: Sophie Lloyd is a successful American female guitarist. Source: Instagram

That particular TikTok account has over 310K likes with over 60K followers. Also, she loves using Instagram daily, which has over 806k followers with over 700 posts. The guitarist often shares her traveling and tours videos in the post about her daily deeds. 

In 2011, Sophie joined the YouTube world and is still rocking social media. Her YouTube channel has over 855K subscribers and over 100 Million views. As her popularity rises, the versatile musician climbs the top of the list.

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