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Why Is Bradley Cooper Visiting Ex Girlfriend Irina Shayk 's Apartment?

Published Sun Jun 23 2019 By Chester
Why Is Bradley Cooper Visiting Ex Girlfriend Irina Shayk 's Apartment?

Learn why Bradley Cooper was still visiting his Ex Irina Shayak apartment even after the recent split.

Ever since Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga on-screen romance sizzled, rumors have flown between Bradley his co-star Gaga citing Irina Shayk's reaction towards the whole 'odd' situation.

Fans were already coming up with the conclusions that their split was sure to happen and consequently both Bradley and Irina ended their four-year relationship.

Their Oscar performance where Bradley and Gaga nearly kiss changed everything.
SOURCE: Evening Standard

However, both the partner had an amicable split as they are still good friends who don't hold any grudges.

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Bradley Cooper, 44, was witnessed visiting his former partner apartment on Tuesday. Well, the 'Hangover' dude seemed chilled and relax even after the split.

Bradley Cooper pictured on Tuesday heading towards Irina Shayak apartment in New Year 

Leaving Bradley apartment a few weeks ago, as of now, Irina, 33, is currently residing in New York after spending some time in Italy for Milan Fashion Week. Whereas Bradley is seen spending most of his time in Los Angeles and New York.

Irina Shayak witnessed on Monday, looked stunning Burberry shirt with baby Lea on the stroller 

For the sake of their 2-year-old baby Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, the couple spends time together as a family and a source told People, 'Bradley is a great dad. He has always been very involved with his daughter. The source indicated,

''They want her to live a normal life, be surrounded by friends and thrive through play. They are both wonderful parents.''

When it comes to momma part, Irina always puts her daughter on the top priority, the source tells that she has been taking her 'to the park', 'play dates' and 'classes.'

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It's good to see both the parents coping up so well for the sake of their child even after their split, isn't it? We sure do hope best for both the stars in the upcoming stories of their lives. Stay tuned and connected.