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Who is Wyatt Teller Girlfriend in 2020? Here's What You Should Know

Published Mon Dec 28 2020 By Bran
Who is Wyatt Teller Girlfriend in 2020? Here's What You Should Know

Grab all the details revolving around the love life and girlfriend of the NFL guard, Wyatt Teller.

Over the past few years, the presence of Wyatt Teller has been formidable in the NFL. It hasn't been long since the 26-year-old made a switch to the Cleveland Browns in 2020 for fifth and sixth-round picks. 

Although he wasn't the first choice initially, the athlete got a chance to debut in week nine and became a regular member of the team ever since. The 6'4 inch star for Cleveland is considered as someone with huge potential, which can only mean one thing for his side, and that is growth.

Wyatt Teller was the fifth round's 166th pick in the NFL draft 2018 of Buffalo Bills, which led him to achieve his dream of playing at the highest football level which that ever exists. 

While his sporting journey is going smooth, he recently enjoyed a personal milestone as well in his romantic life. Stay right here as we bring you close to the love life of Teller with his girlfriend.

Wyatt Teller Engaged To Girlfriend

Wyatt Teller and his girlfriend pose for a picture.

Wyatt Teller proposed to his girlfriend, Carly Whiting, in 2020.
Photo Source: Instagram

The past few weeks might have been tough for Wyatt Teller due to the ankle injury that has kept him out of the pitch, but he managed to compensate for all the troubles with great news in his romantic affair. 

In this free time, he accomplished a great deal of success by proposing to his girlfriend, Carly Whiting, for marriage. The proposal was no less than like a movie script as he went down on one knee to present his longtime partner with the engagement ring in the middle of the FirstEnergy Stadium.

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The emotional and blissful moment of Cleveland's guard, Wyatt Teller, was recorded live and posted later by his girlfriend Whiting on her Instagram handle.

She wrote a perfect caption to complement the lovely picture, 'Yesterday was a dream. I love you, Wyatt Teller!' From where we are standing, we can only wish the love duo heartfelt congratulations. A wedding date hasn't been revealed yet, but now, it's certainly on the cards, probably for the new year 2021.

Wyatt Teller in the jersey smiling at the picture.

Wyatt Teller and his girlfriend Carly Whiting often post pictures on social media.
Photo Source: Dawg Pound Daily

Prior to the blissful engagement, Wyatt Teller preferred to keep the details about his dating history with his soulmate under the radar. 

The love birds were dating for a few years now, and those who knew them were aware of the fact that an engagement and a marriage were imminent. The two often post pictures on their Instagram handle.  

Wyatt Teller's Impressive NFL Career

Wyatt Teller was able to build a reputation as a talented footballer from a very young age, particularly from his high school days. Following his high school graduation from Liberty, he received FBS program offers from over 16 colleges.

He later made the big decision to opt for Virginia Tech instead. As he became the runner up for the ACC Jacobs Blocking Trophy, he was able to impress the scouts for a potential NFL move and even an invitation to the 2018 Senior Bowl

Wyatt Teller caught on the camera with his girlfriend and family.

Wyatt Teller made his NFL entry in 2018 for Buffalo Bills.
Photo Source: Roanoke

Following an impressive college run, Wyatt Teller signed for Buffalo Bills in 2018, but he wasn't able to cement his place in the starting team for the side. Later, he was traded as a seventh-round pick to Cleveland Browns in August 2019.

Even though the start wasn't something he would be proud of, he made the most when given a chance and became one of the MVP candidates for the whole roster eventually.

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