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Jonathan Taylor Thomas Wife - Is the 90s Teen Heartthrob Married?

Published Mon May 04 2020 By Bran
Jonathan Taylor Thomas Wife - Is the 90s Teen Heartthrob  Married?

Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas has a special place in the heart of all the 90s kids, especially for his contribution to 'The Lion King' and 'The Adventures of Pinocchio.' Is he married? Or engaged? Let's find out

There is no doubt that 'The Lion King' is one of our favorite movies and has been part of our childhood which still leaves us full of nostalgics. While the film was animated, it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas contributing to his voice on the fan-favorite character of Young Simba. The 38-year-old started out as a child actor and shares over 20 credits in different television shows and Hollywood films. With more than 30 years into the entertainment industry, the actor is quite renowned among all the generations and is a millionaire by worth.

While the Home Improvement actor's professional journey is well-off and well-known to everyone, Jonathan prefers to keep most of his personal life to himself. Contrary to all the expectations, the ladies' heartthrobs went through heartbreak in his love life over the past. So, covering all his relationship timeline, and without wasting much time, let's get into the details.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is 'NOT' Married to Wife and is 'Single'

If you are a 1990s kid, then it's quite sad since the teen star then, Jonathan Taylor Thomas is 37-years-old today. Close to 40, the Disney actor prefers to keep his personal life details 'under the wraps'. Surprisingly, the actor is not dating anyone, which is shocking since he is the crush of millions of women from all over the world.

While there are chances that The Simba star might have a secret girlfriend, as the actor never announced or gave a hint, it is safe to say that the voice of young Simba is not single as of now.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas in a red shirt poses for a picture.

1990s actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas used to date, Jessica Bowman.
Photo Source: Livingly

Taylor, who was in love with Jessica Biel's character Allie Henderson in 'I'll be Home For Christmas,' is yet to find his soulmate in real life. The actor's last work came in Last Man Standing in 2016, where he contributed both as a director and an actor. As per his inactive Twitter bio, Taylor labels himself as 'just a regular guy trying to make it in Hollywood at present.'

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The 1990s star left Home Improvement because he wanted a break from all the media hype and wanted to live a private peaceful life. Since he was a popular actor since the age of eight, he never got to experience a normal life, play basketball with friends and go to school like a normal person. While the actor did leave it all after eight seasons in the show as Randy Taylor, he never found a long-lasting job on the television after that. 

Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas in a brown jacket poses for a picture.

Actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the voice of Young Simba in The Lion King.
Photo Source: Popsugar

Coming back to his married life, the decision to go lowkey might be suitable for his personal life, but initially, it didn't go right as he faced struggles to get back to the standards he once created. Jonathan hasn't married anyone to date, but he was close on one occasion. Let's find out.

Jonathan Taylor Broke An Engagement 

While Jonathan Taylor's professional life was nothing short of success, his love life wasn't as successful. Back in 2007, he was dating a woman named Natalie Wright. The Young Simba even went down on one knee to propose his then-girlfriend Natalie Wright. The two were indulged in a romantic relationship for quite sometime before deciding to get married.

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However, as the fans were increasingly excited about the marriage, a disaster struck in their relationship as things went sour pretty quickly. The lovebirds had conflict among them and thus broke up shortly after in 2007 itself ever since he hasn't revealed much about his romantic side and goes private.

Jonathan Taylor Used To Date Jessica Bowman

Back in the late 1990s, when Jonathan Taylor, famous as JTT was at the peak of his career, with multiple hit projects used to date fellow actress, Jessica Bowman, famous as Dr. Quinn from 'Medicine Woman.' Interestingly, they were a perfectly matched couple as both of them were famous as teen stars. After dating for a while and knowing each other, the television stars parted ways as they got busy with their respective professional goals. During an interview, he said, 'My personal life is something I keep private.'

A picture of young Jonathan Taylor Thomas .

Jonathan Taylor Thomas's personal life is quite private.
Photo Source: Wikipedia

The teen star Jonathan Taylor got himself engaged in the speculations on his sexuality as a gay. However, the actor who played a gay student in 'Common Ground' ruled out all the rumors and claimed that he was straight. 

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