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Zayn Malik Picks Niall Horan As Favorite One Director Bandmate

Published Sun Mar 21 2021 By Tashipalmo
Zayn Malik Picks Niall Horan As Favorite One Director Bandmate

Zayn Malik Revealed Favorite One Direction Member: It is Nial Horan, But There's More To it! 

The former One Direction band member Zayn Malik's difference of opinion may have gone a little overboard this time. Fans were taken aback when the "pillow talk" singer in an interview with SiriusXM's volume chose Nial Horan as his favorite One Direction member. 

When asked who makes the best music now, Zayn said I'll tell you what, Niall Horan is my favorite. And people can't agree any less; people on social media are going- okay, but what about Harry Styles - who won a grammy recently.  

one direction band

 In a recent interview, Zayn Malik confessed that he is a Niall Horan's fan. 
Photo Source: Fame News

Zayn Malik's statement has caused a war of words on Twitter, with many siding with him, saying it's his personal opinion and some twitting against the Piilowtalk singer.

Zayn, in the interview, said, 'I'll tell you what. Niall's my favorite, how about that? Niall makes the best music. There you go.' He then called himself a Niall fan whilst applauding his former bandmate's single "Slow hands."  

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Malik also opened up about being a father, and quoted "The fact that [Khai] has been so easy to kind of just adjust to has been surprising to me because I just love spending my days with her, hanging out with her, just doing really relaxing chill stuff."   

Zayn in an interview

 Zayn Malik also commented on fatherhood and how he has found new comfort in it.  Photo Source: Chhorry

The former bandmates have been in the news quite a lot lately, whether it's Zayn's revelation on his favorite or Liam congratulating Harry on Twitter, and the fans can't get enough of it.   

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The boys had parted ways in 2015, leaving their massive fan following heartbroken. But at least they still seem to be on good terms contrary to the otherwise popular belief. 

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