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Zulekha Haywood Steps into the Spotlight: Spencer Haywood's Daughter

Published Thu Dec 14 2023 By Bsgurung
Zulekha Haywood Steps into the Spotlight: Spencer Haywood's Daughter

Zulekha Haywood, daughter of supermodel Iman, faced emotional challenges growing up as the world fixated on her mother's beauty. Despite Iman's fame, Zulekha struggled with societal expectations, grappling with body image issues that clashed with the modeling industry's standards. 

While Iman enjoyed the spotlight, Zulekha's battle with weight drew less attention. The dichotomy between her mother's glamour and her insecurities posed a formidable emotional and mental burden for Zulekha, highlighting the harsh realities of beauty standards within a high-profile family.

Zulekha Haywood's Wedding With Jason Young

Zulekha Haywood wed Jason Young in a private November 2016 ceremony, and the couple has maintained a strong bond since. The intimate event involved a select few relatives from both sides.

Zulekha Haywood husband
Image: Zulekha Haywood with her husband, Jason Young. Source: Instagram

Jason Young, leading a private life, remains a mystery with limited information available. 

While some sources suggest he is a restaurant owner, concrete evidence supporting this claim is scarce. The couple's commitment to privacy underscores their desire to keep personal details away from the public eye.

How Many Kids Does Zulekha Haywood Have? 

Zulekha Haywood and her husband joyfully welcomed their adorable daughter, Lavinia Rose Young, shortly after their July 2017 marriage. 

The proud parents, who revealed the news through Zulekha's parents, are devoted to providing the best care for their children.

Zulekha frequently shares glimpses of their cherished moments, featuring Lavinia, on her social media platforms, showcasing their commitment to nurturing and cherishing their family life.

Zulekha Haywood's Parents' Marriage and Divorce

Zulekha Haywood's parents married in 1977, enjoying several years of happiness before divorcing in 1987. Zulekha, their only child, resided with her father following a challenging custody battle.

Zulekha's mother later married English musician David Bowie after a blind date in Los Angeles, resulting in two children, Alexandria Zahra Jones and Duncan Jones

From her father's second marriage to Linda Haywood, Zulekha has three half-siblings: Shaakira Haywood, Isis Haywood, and Courtney Nikkiah Haywood. The exact wedding date of Zulekha's parents remains undisclosed.

Who Are Zulekha Haywood's Parents? 

Mother, Iman Mohammed Abdulmajid, known mononymously as Iman, is a Somali-American former supermodel, actress, and businesswoman born on July 25, 1955. Renowned for her striking beauty, she graced countless magazine covers and runways during the 1970s and 1980s. 

Beyond modeling, Iman has successfully ventured into entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and acting. Father, Spencer Haywood, born on April 22, 1949, is a retired American basketball player and Olympic gold medalist. 

A dominant forward, he made a significant impact in the NBA during the 1970s. Haywood's illustrious career includes multiple All-Star appearances, an NBA Championship, and an induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015.

What Zulekha Haywood Do For Living? 

Zulekha Haywood, born to accomplished parents, diverged from expectations, opting for a career as a business analyst instead of following her parents' paths. Uninterested in sports despite her father's coaching attempts, her weight fluctuations challenged the modeling path suggested by her mother, Iman. 

Starting at Iman Cosmetics, she progressed from an Executive Assistant to an Account Manager and, later, Planning and Procurement Manager. Zulekha cultivated collaborations with major firms. 

She briefly worked at Jay Manuel Beauty, and then as an Inventory Analyst at Portu Sunberg. Currently a Customer Relationship Specialist and Demand Analyst at McShares, Inc. in Salina, Kansas.

How Rich is Zulekha Haywood? 

Born into affluence, Zulekha Haywood enjoyed the privileges of a wealthy upbringing, with parental support shaping her path to success. Her estimated net worth reached $2.5 million in 2023, stemming from both her family business and a brief stint in the supermodel arena. 

Iman and Spencer together
Image: Supermodel Iman with her ex-spouse, Spencer Haywood. Source; Getty Images

Additionally, she benefits from a family safety net. Iman, her mother, boasts a substantial net worth of $200 million, while Spencer, her father, has amassed a net worth of $3 million, further solidifying Zulekha's position within a financially secure family background.

How Old is Zulekha Haywood Today? 

Zulekha Haywood, born on July 5, 1978, is a 45-year-old businesswoman who has made a significant impact in the business world through her roles at Iman Cosmetics. 

While details about her primary and secondary schooling remain undisclosed, media sources indicate that she attended Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, MI. 

Zulekha pursued her bachelor's degree at Michigan State University, specializing in an unspecified field that aligns with her eventual career as a business analyst. Despite the lack of specific details, her educational journey has contributed to her success in the business realm.

Height and Weight

Zulekha, the celebrity daughter, faced obesity challenges from a young age into adulthood. However, she remained resilient and determined to improve her body. 

Weighing approximately 62 kg (136 lbs) and standing at 5 ft 6 inches (167.64 cm), this Somali beauty has actively worked on her well-being, refusing to let obstacles hinder her commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

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