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10 Hottest Photos of Alexis Ren That Will Take Your Breath Away

Published Mon Aug 12 2019 By Kenshinpark
10 Hottest Photos of Alexis Ren That Will Take Your Breath Away

Alexis Ren is an American model; furthermore she has embarked on multiple ventures, Alexis is an entrepreneur, actress, and an internet celebrity.

Ex girlfriend of Jay Alvarez, Ren, became the most recognizable influencer for advocating mental health, self-love, and empowerment. 

Dancing with stars finalist of 2019, Alexis Ren was US and Mexico cover girl for August 2017 and was voted for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of 2018. 

The 22-year-old model, who is the August Cover star of Modeliste Magazine, boasts a massive 13.1 million followers on her Instagram. Ren uploads a picture that is too hot to handle. Let's find out which photo was rated the "Most Hot" picture.

10. Six A.M. In The Morning

Alexis Ren captioned: "It was 6 am and I couldn’t sleep."

Okay, so this one deserve to be on the list, who wakes up so hot six in the morning? Well, obviously, Ren does.

9. One Of Those Mood

Alexis Ren captioned: "I basically have two moods, either let’s do something spontaneous and awesome...or let’s just lay in bed all day, talk about space, and forget the world exists."

According to Ren herself, she has two moods; one where the model is get going, another, squander time laying on bed. Well, we prefer the latter one!

8. It's an Offer

Alexis Ren captioned: "Get on a plane, come see me."

Okay people, it's an open offer, Ren wants you to get into a plane and see her. Boarded yet? Well, hurry up! how can you even resist those, oh sorry, we meant, her!

7 Guess Alexis Ren's favorite color

Alexis Ren captioned: "and her favorite color is."

So, can you guess Ren's favorite color? Is it red or uhmm! or is it a carnation! We loved the carnation though.

6. Alexis Ren's Morning Routine

Alexis Ren captioned: "feeling really grateful this morning."

How does Ren pull it off so well in the morning, most girls often wake up like a hedgehog. Just look that...

5. Sun Is No Joke

Alexis Ren captioned: "this sun is no joke."

Sun is no joke, said Ren! but we never even bothered to see the day, we were pretty much occupied watching the peaches.

4. Morning Again

Alexis Ren captioned: "this morning."

Seriously, where do you find morning like these? Take us there ASAP!

3. Bare Necessities

Ren Wrote: "My favorite outfit 😉 @kim_akrich."

We simply have no words for this! Well according to Ren, It's one of her favorite outfit, and seriously, get her more outfits like this already!

2. Alexis Ren's Jet Lag

Ren captioned: " Jet Lag in Paris."

This is how Ren looks when she has a jet lag, give any worst situation, and she will make it a hot photoshoot. Just look at that picture! 

1. Alexis Ren's New York loft

Ren captioned: "New York lofts with @davidbellemere."

We leave it to you, what do you think about the this one? She is the goddess!