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10 TV Reboots That Should Have Never Taken Place!

Published Sun Jul 21 2019 By Travis
10 TV Reboots That Should Have Never Taken Place!

TV reboots or most reboots we should say are precarious things, when old shows are rebooted we get gems like 'Battlestar Galactica', 'One Day at a Time' and 'Samurai Jack'. But those are more outliers than norms because most of the times, the remakes don’t even scratch the surface of what makes the original so good and beautiful.

We are in a time where we are seeing more and more past shows being remade and most of them miss the mark so wildly, we just sit back and say, what were they thinking? Most of the times it is not a good thing to revive a show or movie for that matter, because you will fail to recapture the same amount of fervor that made the original irresistible.

Samurai Jack with his sword.
Reboots like Samurai Jack are more exceptions than norm. (Source: Channel 4)

The reboots will keep on coming, doesn’t mean you have to watch them all. You might get tempted to check out some shows just to get a feel for how they made it for a new audience but here are 10 TV Reboots that should never have taken place and you should avoid at all cost.

10. Gracepoint

If you get technical, then this show is more of an adaptation than a reboot, but since the first season is almost a frame to frame reimagination of the British show with an American accent we are outing it in the category of bad reboots. 'Broadchurch' made everyone in Britain uncomfortable with its who-dun-it story, and America wanted to get in on the action. David Tennant was brought in to star as he was the only cast member of the original show being rehired and Anna Gunn, fresh off the Breaking Bad fame, was cast opposite to David. From the get-go, this show didn’t work as most American remakes of British shows. Well the status of the shows will tell you the whole story, Broadchurch ran for three critically acclaimed seasons, and Gracepoint was canned after ten episodes by Fox.

9. Heroes Reborn

The first season of 'Heroes' was one of the best first seasons of a TV show ever. Embraced by fans and laden with critical acclaim the series came back for three more seasons with each season worse than the previous one. That should’ve been evidence enough telling the writers they scraped the bottom of the barrel and there is no more new story to tell. Well, money trumps everything, so Fox brought back the show for 13 episodes run, and it was ignored for the most parts as everyone knew it was terrible. 'Heroes Reborn' was one thing that should’ve remained unborn.

8. Fuller House

Full House was one of the most beloved TV shows of the late 80s, and early 90s as the sitcom was adored by fans. Never a critical darling but the fans loved the show none the less, so the hopes were high when Netflix looked to make a sequel of the show. Like most of the comedy shows revival on Netflix, this was not able to capture the same amount of love the original show received. Fuller House was supposed to be a successor, but now it is just a blemish on the name of the great original.

7. Dynasty

Dynasty was a soap opera created in the 80s by ABC in response to the success of Dallas on CBS. Though the first seasons were a dud after that, the series was nominated for best drama series at the Golden Globe awards from 1981-1986. At one point Dynasty was even the number one show in America, so it was only a matter of time before someone rebooted the show. Well, it happened in 2017 as CW picked up the show and critics said: “it never quite recaptures the magic of the original.” The first episode was fine, but then it was all downhill from there.

6. The Twilight Zone

Some shows can never be remade because the original is so great the true essence of what made it beautiful can never be recaptured in a remake. It's true with 'The Twilight Zone', there are three attempts at a revival, and still, no one can match up to the original. Jordan Peele tried his hand with the show, but as it turns out, he is only the host of the show and not writing or directing anything. After 'Get Out' we were hoping that finally we can get a Twilight Zone for a new generation, but that dream will have to wait some more as we sit down and watch Black Mirror as the spiritual successor of the beloved 50s show.

5. 24: Legacy

'24' is the best action series to be produced in early 2000 as no other series made in that time frame even comes close to the format the show was made with. Action series based on 24 hours of a day, it was so action-packed and tightly woven that we fell in love with 'Jack Bauer'. After nine seasons and one movie, 24’s Legacy is like no other and when words of a reboot filtered in we were expectant. Those expectations were not met as the rebooted show didn’t even make a single mention of Jack, that was blasphemy for us fans, and we can never forgive Legacy for that.

4. The Odd Couple

Tony Randall and Jack Klugman are the definitive 'Odd Couple' as they trump the movie as well as the play version of the characters and after five seasons together they cemented their place. Then came the 2015 version of the show and from the get-go, it felt like Matthew Perry was trying to do the best Chandler Bing impression and the show just never won us ever. Thank god the show was canned after only 38 episodes but it was 38 episodes too much.

3. MacGyver

The original 'MacGyver' was campy, it was charming, and it was so much fun. Richard Dean Anderson was the epitome of American leading man, and we loved him for all 139 episodes and two TV films. The reboot it felt like was without a soul as the campy fun was replaced by a monotony explanation and stupid characterization. The original 'MacGyver' is the best, and we don’t care how much the rebooted show is picked up for more seasons, we are not watching.

2. Charlie’s Angels

The same as MacGyver, 'Charlie’s Angels' was made in a time when the Cold War was in full swing, and people needed something to escape all the madness. Charlie’s Angels provide an amount of escapism which was something the 2011 show was missing in abundance. The show was just not fun as the new cast didn’t care for the characters as much. Another movie remake is coming, and it will still not measure up to the original, we just know it.

1. Magnum, P.I.

We love Jay Hernandez and the rebooted 'Magnum, P.I.' is okay. But the reason for our love of the original show can be summed up by “Tom Selleck and his mustache.” Nothing and no one can really make us love any form of the reboot that doesn’t have Tom Selleck in it. They could’ve used Tom Selleck to make a sequel, but we are not down for a reboot.

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We get that some shows need to be remade for a new period but blemishing the name of the original just to cash in on the name is not the way to go.