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4 Things to do During International Women's Month

Published Thu Mar 05 2020 By Christina
4 Things to do During International Women's Month

International Women's Month celebrates women in all their glory. Mothers, daughters, girls, children, and just about all the Females, they can never be appreciated enough for their existence. 

Mental health matters the most. So this, March make it as an excuse to finally treat yourself a day out. Being a woman, it means there are unconditional amount of responsibilities piled up on your plate. From the household matter to professional pieces of stuff, it just stretches on and on. There's just no time to think of yourself.

With International Women's Day right around the corner on 8th of March, Here's a list of things to try out this month. 

Get That Girls Day Out

The best therapy out there can be a hangout day with your girls. Your 'Girlfriends' are the best therapy out there. You can gossip, share your stories, and blabber away all you like. Dealing with all the twists and turns of life seems much easier when you've got some to talk. 

Indulge in some girls time

Keep calm and schedule some girl time.
Source: News Network

It's challenging to maintain your bond and get in touch consistently amid this busy life. Some of the things you could do to get your groove back are: 

  • Try something new,
  • Go on adventure trails,
  • Take a drive to catch that sunset or sunrise,
  • Pack a nice picnic with your girls,
  • Book a spa day with your lovelies

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Girls go get that quality time together. After all, it's a known fact that no man can ever suffice the company of a girlfriend. 

Invest in some Body Care

Take some time off your busy schedule no matter what it is. Girls, you don't want any issues due to a lack of care. Did you know, once you hit 25, all your collagen levels start depleting, which means sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines?

Self care is the most important

Your skin is an investment, not an expense.
Source: Mindful

Invest on yourself. Get that bubble bath you've always been wanting, add some music, and a glass of wine. You're set for the night. As for products regarding anti-aging, you can get yourself a retinoid, day and night wrinkle cream, or a face serum.

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 For acne and breakouts, get a proper mild acid exfoliant, Niacinamide Serum, Vitamin C, and please don't forget a good sunscreen to go.

Forget The Carbs and Calorie Count

Keeping that tummy tuck can be a hard task, oh and not to mention that calorie count. Most girls stop themselves from heading face-first into that delicious pizza, chocolatey chocolate doughnut, meaty burgers, and all of our favorite eateries. 

Take yourself out on a date

Enjoy the silence of your own company.
Source: Discover Walks

Fast foods don't have to be the only option. You can take yourself out on a date. Dress up pretty, take it as a chance to spend some alone time with yourself, enjoy the things you like on your own. As someone great once said, 'You are your greatest company out there,' so why not get more comfortable in your own skin. 

Indulge in that Shopping Spree

Bring us a girl whoever said no to shopping, and we'll wait. There may be a few exceptions here and there, but usually, women enjoy a pleasant shopping spree. 

Shopping spree

Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. 
Source: Pinterest

Shopping doesn't mean it's only clothes, makeup, and shoes. Everyone's got their major interest at heart. It can be major branded products, cute kinds of stuff for your house, furniture, anything take your pick. 

Male or Female or any other gender, you shouldn't ever need an excuse to treat yourself. Hope you enjoyed the article. 

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