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8 Awesome Hair Color for Girls to Match Yourself with This Spring

Published Sun Feb 16 2020 By Christina
8 Awesome Hair Color for Girls to Match Yourself with This Spring

We've almost settled in for the year 2020. A year where it's all about new beginnings, and a kick start to living life with nothing holding us back.

What more than to take the new decade head-on with a revamped hairstyle. Change can give you the confidence, you've always wanted. We've brought you the list of some trendy hair colors for this spring.

1. The Silver Blonde

The ash grey style came to surface early this year. If anything you should definitely try out this style, maybe try out some beachy waves with it. You're good to go, my friend.

Silver blonde hairstyle

Get the ashy undertone look for your hair this spring. 
Source: Latest Hairstyle

The silver blond is totally in for this year. We've got models and actresses flaunting this style with all their grace. Oh! and how could we forget the beauty, Kim Kardashian, rocking her icy blonde hair look.

2. Dip and Dye Ends

These are for when you want to go with a dyed look, but you're still not sure if it's a good idea. We know, contemplating on hair colors can be such a headache.

Demi Lovato in the dip and dye look

Demi Lovato is known to rock the dip and dye look.
Source: Popsugar

These Dip and Dye hairstyles are like your barely-there color styles. We have Demi Lovato as a massive example of this look. You can explore any color you want, from bright pink to neon and even a blonde look.

3. Bold Contrast Looks

If you feel like playing with colors, then this is your game. The bold contrasting colors are sure to make you the pop-out queen.

Chrissy Teigen in her bold contrast highlight

American model, Chrissy Teigen owning the blonde look.
Source: Allure

In this style, specifically, some of your hair's gotta be left as it is — the natural color. The other parts should be in the exact opposite contrast to it. 

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You can pick your shade from subtle to dark ones. Chrissy Teigen looked every bit of diva with a contrast look. 

4. Ruby Red

Miss the Auburn hair? Well, fret not, our favorite actress Zendaya just brought it back to rock the red trend. 

"Red hair don't care" look by Zendaya.
Source: Teen Vogue

According to the celebrity hairstylist Adam Reed, "It's a deep and dimensional update for the new year, It's super tonal and is the perfect shift as we transition into 2020 and the new season." This shade looks exceptionally great in warm undertones. 

5. Dark Chocolate 

Bring your yummy dark chocolate fantasy to life. The vibrant brown chocolate shade will give you a different glow. 

Dark chocolate brown hair

This hairstyle looks exceptionally great in a wavy long hair.
Source: Styless

This style looks great in long wavy hair. You can also add subtle dark brown highlights if you don't want the full color. 

6. Strawberry Blonde

Based on the lighter red tone, strawberry blonde will get you the perfect chic look. You can also try streaks of highlight. 

The very pretty Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman in her ever glowing strawberry blonde look.
Source: How To Be A Redhead

Picture Nicole Kidman and now the strawberry blonde look. There you go. However, maintaining the look can be just as hard, use a better shampoo for that case. You are sure to adorn the look over a party or even any business ensemble. 

7. Full-on Dye

You can try a full-on colorful shade this year. Embrace your mood with these pop out color shades this 2020. 

Try these blue pop out colors

Go Blue this spring.
Source: The Cuddl

Go all pink, blue, or black; it's all your choice. Though if you want suggestions, go for a sea blue, tie-dye pink, deep purple, try to go for subtle tone down colors if you're going to be on the cautious side. 

8. Unruly Highlights

George Papanikolas, the Matrix Celebrity colorist, said, "Curly hair with chunky highlights will be big." We can't help but agree on that. 

Step out of that normal curly hair and try some highlights this year.
Source: The Right Hairstyle

Add a shadow root on your curls, and if you want them to pop out, you can add extra layers of hues. However, the highlights will give you a fun, playful, and cheery look. 

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Hope you enjoyed the article. Don't forget to try out these ideas if they piqued your interest. 

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