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A PhD Scholarship To Study Heavy Metal? Step Forward This Awesome Australian University!

Published Tue Jul 09 2019 By Chester
A PhD Scholarship To Study Heavy Metal? Step Forward This Awesome Australian University!

A university in Australia is offering a Ph.D. degree in heavy metal! 

Yes, now you can learn the techniques, compose and arrange your own metal music, if you are a metal head and can't find the way this might be a perfect opportunity for you. 

As per reports by Loudwire on Wednesday, June 26, the University of Newcastle in Australia are offering fully-funded Ph.D. scholarships (or one international Ph.D. scholarship). 

Metal Head Simon Springer | PhD, MA, BA Honours.  (SOURCE: ResearchGate)

The new program offers two courses, 'Heavy Metal' or 'Veganism Unschooling.' The program is under the administration of Simon Springer, Professor of Human Geography and Director of the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies at the educational institution.

Moreover, few selected candidates will get scholarships where the selected students will be privileged to choose any of the offered courses.

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The program offers a broad area of potential studies. "You could study Death Metal in Finland, as opposed to Heavy Metal in Australia," the description suggests. The scholarship boasts a living allowance of Aus $27,596 AUS, or USD 19,232.

Time for some Growls, Screams and Riffs (SOURCE: Underside)

August 15, Thursday, will be the deadline for application. The selection will be based on their skills and basic knowledge of the culture.

Successful applicants will be notified till September 2019. Applicants must have a "minimum of a BA Honours, and ideally a Master's degree in Geography or a related field." Read the rest of the course description below.

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According to Kerrang, the study would seek to answer the following questions:

  • What sorts of lyrical themes have Australian Metal bands adopted? Are these culturally and geographically unique to the continent?
  • What is the relationship between the cultural evolution of Heavy Metal in Australia and colonialism?
  • Is Heavy Metal in Australia largely a white phenomenon? What has been the response to diversity within the scene?
  • How is gender negotiated within the Metal scene in Australia?
  • What sort of reputation do Heavy Metal fans have within the Australian context? Does this impact the types of spaces that Heavy Metal fans can utilize?
  • How has the geography of Australia in proximity to other scenes contributed to or hindered its cultural uptake?
  • What is it about Australian Heavy Metal that makes it distinctive?

Heavy Metal is more than just a musical genre; in fact, it's a global phenomenon which represents a significant culture trend for the past four decades. Black Sabbath was the band that invented metal music in the late 1960s, and within the adequate years, it has evolved and rooted broader welcoming new genres. Some of the prominence subgenres include Black Metal, Death Metal, and Thrash Metal.

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Well, we hope you enjoyed the article and the gripping 'Metal' culture. Stay tuned and connected for more intriguing news and updates.