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Adam Winchester Returns To Supernatural For The Final Season - Check Out His Top 5 Moments!

Published Mon Sep 16 2019 By Travis
Adam Winchester Returns To Supernatural For The Final Season - Check Out His Top 5 Moments!

When it comes to the Winchester brothers, there are many regretful things they did in their life, but one thing they will always regret is leaving one of their own in Hell and not going back to get him. 'Adam Milligan/Winchester' is the son of 'John Winchester' and 'Kate Milligan' and someone who was unknown to the two brothers 'Sam' and 'Dean Winchester' till the fourth season of Supernatural.

The thing is, the brother was lost, and over the past five seasons, Sam and Dean did nothing to get him back from damnation. Whatever was the reason for the brothers to forget about their half-brother still completely, he will be making a return in the final season of Supernatural which is coming in October. We got confirmation the character was coming back to Supernatural in the last season and in what capacity he is returning is still not clear but we are still excited for Adam to finally get his day in the sun after so long staying in Lucifer’s cage in Hell.

Adam Winchester
Adam Milligan/Winchester is the son of John Winchester.

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For so long he’s been in the cage with 'Michael', and now it is time for him to come to the surface. The final show is going to be epic, and we are all for the character to further complicate things for the Winchester brother. So, keeping an eye on the character of Adam coming back to the show, here are the top five best moments of the character while he was still a main player in the series.

5. Escaping From Bobby

After Adam is resurrected and brought to the house of 'Bobby' 'Castiel' comes to the conclusion Heaven is trying to get Adam, the son of John Winchester, to agree in being the vessel of Michael. Dean already refused to become the vessel of Michael, going against what was written in prophecies. Lucifer was still coming, and he was bringing the Apocalypse, which meant Michael needed someone to take over and fight the devil.

Since Adam is also of the Winchester bloodline Heaven tries to get him to agree which he does and when he is still under the care of Bobby, the half-brother of Sam and Dean tried to escape, and Sam catches him.

4. Trapped With Michael

After Heaven locates Adam, they get him out from under the nose of Bobby and take him to the Green Room where Dean was also kept and tortured. The thing is, Heaven never wanted to get Adam; he was just a ruse to get Dean to accept Michael and become his vessel. Dean is able to get the upper hand is about to rescue Adam when Michael comes down and locks the door as Sam, and Dean gets out. Adam is trapped, and the next time we see him is with Michael possessing the half-brother of Sam and Dean.

3. Agrees To Be Michael’s Vessel

Adam Winchester

When Heaven come to Dean Winchester to get him in becoming the vessel of Michael, the elder Winchester brother refused the offer which led the people in Heaven to go the other route. They went to the private Heaven of Adam Winchester where he is going to his prom, something the teenager was never able to do in real life. They get Adam out and tell him he can get his mother back if he allows Michael to possess his body when Lucifer arrives.

Adam saw his mother die, and he wanted to be with his mother again, which made him emotional, and he agreed to become the vessel of Michael. The choice would be the downfall of the character, but still, he did it for his mother.

2. His Hand In Apocalypse

After Adam was possessed by Michael, he arrived in Kansas to fight Lucifer, and there was a hand of the character in the Apocalypse. Adam possessed by Michael was asked by Lucifer to join him so they can rebel against Heaven, but he refuses to work with the devil. Then, Dean arrives in the place and goes after both of the Supernatural beings. The boy was hardened and became the vessel of Michael which was a complete turn from the sweet kid we were shown in the few episodes he was still alive. At the end he was dragged into hell with Sam being possessed by Lucifer, by the end of the season five finale Sam gets control of his body and is able to get both Michael and Lucifer into the cage along with himself and Adam.

1. Adam’s First Appearance

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Adam was first mentioned when a call arrives on John Winchester’s phone and the brothers are called into a place where they find ghouls, and they killed Sam and Dean’s half-brother, and his mother and the ghouls were just trying to get revenge on John Winchester for killing their mother.

This was the first time we saw Adam Winchester and learned of his relationship to the brothers which came in handy next time they were all together.

The brothers never knew of the existence of another brother, and when they did, they tried to accept Adam into the family, but it was not to be when there was a whole different agenda Adam was working towards. Whatever the case, the brothers leaving their brother in Hell is still a huge blemish on the already red ledger of the two Winchesters. The whole thing is coming full circle this year when past horrors come to get their revenge on the brothers. The most likely scenario, Michael will be freed from the cage by god to go against the brothers and the whole thing is going to be even more complicated when some they abandoned is going to come and try and kill them.

Watch: The trailer for the final season of Supernatural

Supernatural final season is coming this fall only on The CW on 10 October 2019, and the poster and trailer for the series were released on 13 September with the poster foreshadowing the death of the brothers and the trailer showing the end is nigh. We are so down for all of it, Adam’s return and the whole new brand of Apocalypse headed the brothers’ way in the new and final season of the beloved show.

Supernatural season 15.
The poster for the finals eason of Supernatural.

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