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Did Alex O Loughlin Undergo Weight Loss? The Full Story!

Published Fri Nov 29 2019 By Chester
Did Alex O Loughlin Undergo Weight Loss? The Full Story!

An Australian actor, writer, director, and producer Alex O Loughlin is noted for his impressive body and a bold attitude. We are talking about the Lieutenant Commander' Steve McGarrett' on CBS's remake show Hawaii Five-0. 

Alex, however, never had to struggle and worry about a fat body or get a weight loss as he was well built from his young age; to be precise, since six years old, Alex was into martial arts and workout, which later gave him a healthy yet shredded body transformation. 

Yes, he did work really hard to get these rugged shapes, but fitness was something Alex always prioritized and felt loved with rather feeling a compulsion.

'Hard work forever pays,' his commitment to fitness later went to be one of the key elements which helped him earn name, fame, and money throughout his 16 years career in acting.
SOURCE: Alex O'Loughlin Instagram

So, in today's article, we are here to learn the intriguing story of a 43 years old star and grab some motivation for maintaining a healthy and sturdy life.

Alex Propepelling Body Transformation

Alex got more shredded for the role as you can see, he came with more ripped packs and abs.

Alex noted from his decade long series, 'Hawaii,' is always appreciated for his sex appeals. As an interesting fact, he had a major workout session for a movie that eventually made him more sexier and popular.

Yes, the star went through a massive body transformation for the 2010 movie, 'Back-up Plan', where he plays the role of Jennifer Lopez's baby daddy in their short relationship.

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Jeff Blair trained Alex for his massive body transformation, where he had to look lean and ripped over a short period.

He put me on this nutrition program — and he changed my life.

For The Back-Up Plan, O'Loughlin worked out for two hours a day, six days a week, and was able to get his body fat to under 7%. Now he is slightly bulkier as befits a Navy SEAL. "Alex probably trains harder than anyone I have ever worked with," says Blair. "He seems to have an 'extra gear' in training intensity, mental focus, and his commitment to nutrition."

What Diet does Alex Opt for in Order to Get Such Risque Physics?

As per reports from his own bio site Alexlouhlinintensestudy, the 6'1" tall star who weighs 175 pounds shared his diet plans.

For lunch, he eats a chicken, a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, and a bag of chocolate cookies. Then goes to the gym and bench 240 pounds - That's a young man's thing.

Besides, O'Loughlin drinks two gallons of water a day. And coming to his eating courses includes half-cup of oatmeal, almonds, banana, and a splash of 2% of reduced-fat milk during breakfast.

Similarly, during lunch and dinner diet includes veggies, carbs, balance combo of proteins. The father of two Lion O'Loughlin and Saxon O'Loughlin star shared his secrets to perfect shape, 

If you look at your open hand, the size of your palm is the amount of protein you should take—about two-thirds of a chicken breast. Your splayed four fingers equal the amount of space you should have for vegetables. And the triangular area between your index finger and thumb is for carbohydrates—brown rice or wholemeal pasta. The key is to have a very low-sodium diet and understand that 80% of [the process] happens in the kitchen, not in the gym.

We hope you enjoyed the article, so what are you waiting for? Let's start pulling dumbbells, maybe next week!

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