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Who is Alisyn Camerota's Husband? Find Out About Her Married Life

Published Fri Dec 04 2020 By Bran
Who is Alisyn Camerota's Husband? Find Out About Her Married Life

Know about the husband and married life of successful CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota, Tim Lewis.

For all the regular television followers, the name of Alisyn Camerota is not new as she achieved quite a lot of success from her career in Fox News and CNN. She currently serves as the anchor of the morning show, 'New Day.' With over two decades of experience in the broadcast journalism sector, the 54-year-old even managed a milestone by getting the Emmy Award nomination twice for her news reporting.

For someone who spends more hours in the news studio than home, Alisyn Camerota must be respected a lot for creating the right balance between her personal and professional life. Well, that accomplishment isn't just upon her as her husband, Tim Lewis is equally supportive to push his wife to the new dimensions in the journalism sector. Grab all the details regarding who Alisyn's life-partner is and how their love story started and ended up in a marriage.

Alisyn Camerota: Married To Tim Lewis For 18 Years And Running

A younger picture of Alisyn Camerota and her husband Tim Lewis.

Alisyn Camerota and Tim Lewis got married in 2002 in an intimate wedding ceremony.
Photo Source: CNN

Unlike most of the celebrity marriages that end up in a divorce, Alisyn Camerota deserves applause for managing her romantic life in the best possible way as she completed her eighteenth marriage anniversary in 2020. She tied the knot with an investor cum businessman in Tim Lewis way back in 2002. The love birds never disclosed many details revolving around how they first met or how they started dating each other.

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In an Instagram post, Alisyn Camerota did pay credits to her friend Maria Villalobos, someone he calls her relationship guru. It was her who gave the journalist valuable advice regarding her love life with Tim, which eventually brought them closer. Today, she might be blessed with her longtime husband, but she considers Maria as her life-changer for helping her with her romantic and dating dilemmas when she was young.

Alisyn Camerota caught on camera when she brought her kids to the studio.

Alisyn Camerota and her husband share three children.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Bringing you more details regarding Camerota's lowkey husband, Tim Lewis, he is a partner at Southfield Capital in Connecticut. His resume shows how he thrived serving several leadership roles, which led him to join the firm in April 2014. In fact, he previously was a partner at organizations like CRG Group in New York City and Atlantic Street Capital in Stamford.

Alisyn Camerota and Her Husband Struggled To Give Birth to Children

Alisyn Camerota and her husband Tim Lewis are parents to three adorable children today. You would be quite surprised to know how their first two daughters Francesca and Alessandra, were fraternal twins, born in 2005. Later, they gave birth to a son, Nathaniel, in 2007. Years later, she opened up regarding her struggles to get pregnant during her early marriage. She spent three years of her life struggling to conceive, from the age of 35.

Alisyn Camerota poses a picture with husband TIm Lewis and their three kids.

Alisyn Camerota had two miscarriages before giving birth to her children.
Photo Source: Legit

Camerota used the media platform as an aid to talk about such issues with a support group of people who battled fertility problems. In her article in SELF Magazine in 2010, the diva opened up on how married couple even tried Vitro fertilization. Although they got pregnant twice, both the instances ended up in a miscarriage, which left them pretty disappointed and hopeless. Her husband, Tim, on the other hand, remained hopeful, and ultimately their patience was worth it. 

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