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Sierra Furtado Boyfriend - Find Out If the Tik Tok Star is Dating Someone Or Still Single

Published Mon Apr 20 2020 By Bran
Sierra Furtado Boyfriend - Find Out If the Tik Tok Star is Dating Someone Or Still Single

The Tik Tok star Sierra Furtado is often a news material regarding her romantic affiliation and boyfriends. Let's see if the gorgeous diva is dating anyone or single as of now.

The gorgeous Sierra Furtado takes complete advantage of the current generation's technological and infrastructural developments, creating a lifestyle from the online platforms of Tik Tok and YouTube. The 26-year-old diva from Montreal, Canada, is a global celebrity today, thanks to her self-titled channel where she posts video blogs regarding fashion, makeup, DIYs, and all the daily chores. With over 2.7 million subscribers already, she is accustomed to massive fame and fortunes and aims to go further ahead.

When it comes to Furtado's professional life, there is quite well-accomplished with an excellent reputation. On the contrary, it is her intriguing personal life, which is often a gossip topic for media and people. Is the highly loved Tik Tok star single or dating anyone? Let's find out!

Sierra Furtado is SINGLE!

Yes, you heard it right. It comes to a surprise to many to hear that the charming YouTuber Sierra Furtado isn't seeing anyone. Yes, she was on a relationship with the fellow Instagram star, Alex Terranova, for quite a long time, but unfortunately, the ship has sailed. The love affair between the two was quite public, as they made many appearances together on the Vlog channel.

Sierra Furtado Boyfriend: she is in a white top poses for a mirror selfie.

Sierra Furtado is currently single, following her breakup with Alex Terranova in 2019.
Photo Source: Sierra Furtado Instagram

However, like every other good thing, there was an expiry date in their relationship too. Ever since Sierra broke up with the model, she hasn't dated anyone to date. Following the split, she is moving on and getting over her ex-boyfriend and looks quite happy with it after so long. Initially, she went through a tough time getting over it and even released a video to express her hard feelings, indicating how she was excited to start a new chapter.

Watch: Sierra Furtado opens up on her breakup to ex-boyfriend and a new chapter in her life.

Following the break-up in June 2015, Sierra went on to get back to her original self gradually as she got back to the digital world, sharing jolly videos, dances, and vlogs on her YouTube and TikTok. The digital star should be a role model to everyone who dealt with a bad break-up as she let go of all those memories and didn't make the fear stop her from becoming happy yet again.

Sierra Furtado's First Lover - Fellow YouTuber Josh Tryhane

First love is always special, isn't it? Tik Tok star, Sierra Furtado, first got into the dating zone in 2014, as fellow YouTuber Josh Tryhane stole her heart away. It seemed like their match was perfect since they had similar interests and belonged from the same city of Vancouver.

Sierra Furtado in black poses alongside former beau Josh Tryhane.

Internet personality Sierra Furtado was in a romantic relationship with Josh Tryhane.
Photo Source: Pinterest

The two shared a romantic relationship for two years quite publicly as they used to feature in one another's channel. However, things didn't remain happy forever as the online duo parted ways in early 2016. Both of them moved on well, and Josh even created content on 'How to deal with a breakup' following the split. 

Sierra Furtado Used To Date Alex Terranova for 3 Years

Sierra Furtado Boyfriend: She is in a white top posing a picture with ex-husband Alex Terranova.

Sierra Furtado broke up with model Alex Terranova in June, 2019.
Photo Source: Tigerbeat

The fan-favorite YouTuber Sierra Furtado wasn't single this entire time. Actually, she used to be in a romantic relationship with the Instagram star, Alex Terranova. The 26-year-old started dating her ex-boyfriend in 2016 and looked quite good. An Instagram personality cum model in an affair with a YouTube star sounded quite right for the papers as well. For years, they lived the best versions of themselves and even shared many moments together in Furtado's vlogs.

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The fan-favorite YouTubers seemed perfect for each other, and their love life took a big step forward as they got engaged in May 2017. The social starlet announced the big news on her Instagram, with a caption, 'You can now call me Feyonc.' In addition to that, her then-boyfriend added, 'Yeah.... more and more because THE BEST HAS YET TO COME.' Little did they know that the future had other plans.

Furtado and Terranova Broke up in 2019 

When everything looked perfect, and fans were increasingly excited for a potential marriage between their favorite Sierra Furtado and Alex Terranova, the story took a drastic turn. It was around June 2019 when online personalities dropped the bombshell that they were parting ways and breaking the engagement. Following that, Alex moved back to Colorado to be with their family.

Sierra Furtado boyfriend: she is in a blue top poses a picture with ex-lover Alex Terranova.

Alex Terranova and Tik Tok star Sierra Furtado broke their engagement in 2019.
Photo Source: Pinterest

The Tik Tok star opened up on how she never thought she would ever part ways with Alex, like all of her fans. But, it was a decision to take since they felt they couldn't work their romance between them for some reason and couldn't feel happy. The decision to end their three-year-long affair was mutual, and despite so much of memories and hype, they broke up with a pursuit of getting happy in their respective lives. Maybe, what happened was for the best, and Sierra even labeled it as a 'blessing in disguise' to start a new chapter. Only time will tell who will be the lucky man to be the Tik Tok model's next lover.

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