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All You Need to Know About Taj Monroe Tallarico: Steven Tyler's Son and Rising Actor

Published Wed Jul 26 2023 By Bsgurung
All You Need to Know About Taj Monroe Tallarico: Steven Tyler's Son and Rising Actor

Taj Monroe Tallarico is an American actor and record producer. He is widely known as the son of Teresa Barrick and Steven Tyler. While he is often recognized as Tyler's son, Taj is also making strides in building his own career. Following in his father's musical footsteps, Taj is venturing into the world of music, just like some of his siblings.

Despite the public's curiosity, Tallarico prefers to maintain a private life away from the spotlight. However, we have managed to gather some information about him. Taj is Steve Tyler's son, and he seems to be carving his path in the music industry.

Taj Monroe Tallarico is a Married Man

Apart from his career and financial pursuits, Taj Monroe Tallarico also values family and is a married man. He is happily married to Brittany Reardon. Their relationship reportedly began around 2016, and they kept their romance private. 

Taj Monroe Tallarico tied the knot with Brittany
Image: Taj Monroe Tallarico is a married man. Source: Twitter

After a few years of dating, Taj and Brittany tied the knot in October 2018 in an intimate and secretive ceremony. The couple chose not to share photos of the event online, making it a very private affair. 

However, their loved ones, including Taj's sisters, congratulated them and confirmed their marriage. Since then, Taj and Brittany have remained together, and their relationship seems to be going strong without any visible issues.

Taj Monroe Tallarico's Beautiful Marital Journey With Wife, Britanny Reardon

Indeed, there is limited information available about Britanny Reardon, Taj Monroe Tallarico's wife. However, reports suggest that she graduated with a degree in Business Management from Bentley University's McCallum Graduate School of Business in Waltham, Massachusetts. 

She is known to be associated with Gilbane Building Company, a privately held construction and facility management company in the United States. Britanny's connection with Taj's father, Steven Tyler, adds to their relationship as she is also a fan of his music. 

On Steven Tyler's birthday in 2018, Britanny sent him warm wishes, celebrating the milestone he reached. Their shared love for traveling is another factor that strengthens their bond. Despite being private individuals, they seem to enjoy each other's company and have built a meaningful life together.

Why Did Taj Monroe Tallarico's Mother and Father Got Divorced? 

The story of how Taj Monroe Tallarico's parents, Steve Tyler and Teresa Barrick, met has been recounted in different versions. They met in 1982 at Aerosmith's studio, where Teresa worked.

Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick Divorced
Image: Steven Tyler with his second wife, Teresa Barrick. Source; Twitter

Regardless of how they initially crossed paths, their relationship led to marriage, and on May 28, 1988, Steve Tyler and Teresa Barrick exchanged vows in a private ceremony attended by close friends and family. It was Steve's second marriage. Teresa, being a fashion designer, designed their wedding attire.

Following their marriage, Teresa gained fame, not for her own career, but as the wife of Steve Tyler. However, as time went on, Teresa stopped attending award ceremonies with him, and after approximately 17 years of marriage, she filed for divorce in 2005. The divorce was finalized in 2006. One of the significant reasons cited for their divorce was Tyler's infidelity, which put a strain on their marriage.

Wonderful Relationship With The Siblings

Taj Monroe is not the only child of the former Mr. and Mrs. Tyler. He has an older sister, Chelsea Tyler who was born in 1989. Like her famous father, Chelsea is also a singer and has dabbled in acting. However, she is most well-known as Steven Tyler's daughter.

Steven Tyler and Taj Monroe together
Image: Steven Tyler with his son, Taj Monroe. Source: Daily Mail

Sister, Chelsea exchanged her wedding vows with Jon Foster. The couple co-founded the electronic-soul group called Kaneholler, and they are enjoying success together. They currently reside in Venice Beach, California.

Taj Monroe Tallarico and Chelsea Tyler share a close relationship. They are often seen together at various events and family gatherings, displaying their strong bond as siblings. Despite being born into a high-profile family, they seem to cherish their time together and support each other in their respective careers.

How Old is Taj Monroe Tallarico? Know About Tallarico's Age and Family

Taj Monroe Tallarico, currently 32 years old, was born on January 31, 1991, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. He grew up in the city alongside his family. 

While it is known that he attended some prestigious Boston schools befitting his background, the specific names of these institutions have not been publicly disclosed.

Taj Monroe Tallaricos Movies and TV Shows So Far

Taj Monroe Tallarico has established himself as a prominent record producer and singer, following in his father's musical footsteps. His early exposure to the music industry through attending red-carpet events, celebrations, and award shows with his father greatly fueled his passion for music. 

In addition to his musical pursuits, Taj has also dabbled in acting, making an appearance as Bystander #2 in the 2002 television series Lizzie McGuire, alongside his sister Chelsea.

While Taj prefers to remain more private about his work, it is known that he is actively involved in successful projects with well-known artists, often working behind the scenes in the music industry. His dedication to his craft and his family's musical legacy continues to drive his career forward.

Net Worth of Taj Monroe Tallarico in 2023

As of now, Taj Monroe Tallarico's net worth stands at an impressive $1.5 million. Given his various ventures, this figure seems credible and reflects his success in the music industry. 

Taj's involvement in producing music and writing songs has undoubtedly contributed significantly to his earnings. Additionally, his small business in Boston likely adds to his financial prosperity.

Taj Monroe has net worth of $1.5 Million
Image: Taj Monroe enjoying a day out. Source: Instagram

The music business can be lucrative, and Taj's skills and talents have certainly allowed him to capitalize on the opportunities available. 

With his diverse ventures and passion for music, Taj Monroe Tallarico has managed to build a substantial net worth for himself over the years. As estimated the celebrity kid is making over $90,000 per year with his overall projects.

Does Taj Monroe Tallarico Have Instagram? 

Taj Monroe Tallarico maintains a low profile on social media and is not active on popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. No verified accounts bearing his name can be found on these platforms.

While there is an Instagram account under the handle @tajtallarico with a private setting and limited posts, it remains unconfirmed whether Taj is behind the account.

However, Taj's father, Steven Tyler, the renowned musician, has a significant presence on Instagram with over 2.4 million followers. He can be found at the username @iamstevent. Additionally, Steven Tyler is also active on Twitter, where he has more than 1.7 million followers under the username @IamStevenT. 

Despite Taj's absence on social media, his father's presence allows fans and followers to keep updated on Steven Tyler's activities and posts.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Taj Monroe Tallarico has an impressive and tall stature with a healthy body figure. He stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (approximately 168 cm) and maintains a weight of around 60 kilograms (132 pounds). His attractive features include light brown eyes that complement his brown hair.

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