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Teresa Barrick: Where is Steven Tyler's Second Wife Now?

Published Wed Jun 07 2023 By Bsgurung
Teresa Barrick: Where is Steven Tyler's Second Wife Now?

Teresa Barrick is a remarkable woman who has demonstrated numerous strengths and skills throughout her life. She gained prominence as a talented costume and clothing designer, particularly for the renowned band Aerosmith. While she is recognized for her professional achievements. Teresa is also well-known for her personal connection to Aerosmith's lead singer, Steven Tyler, as his former wife. 

Beyond her association with Aerosmith, Teresa Barrick has led a multifaceted life with various accomplishments. While information regarding her specific endeavors beyond her work with the band is limited. It is clear that she possesses a range of talents and skills. 

Where is Teresa Barrick Now? 

After her divorce, Teresa Barrick chose to retreat from the public eye and maintain a private life. Unlike many individuals in similar situations, she did not seek to publicize the details of her relationship with Steven Tyler. Throughout their marriage, it was evident that Barrick valued her privacy and preferred to keep personal matters out of the limelight.

Teresa Barrick and Steven Tyler divorced
Image: Teresa Barrick with her former husband, Steven Tyler. Source: Pinterest

Even today, the exact whereabouts of Teresa remain largely unknown. Speculation suggests that she may still be involved in clothing design but in a more low-key capacity. Given her successful track record in designing Aerosmith's iconic stage outfits, it wouldn't be surprising if she found herself directing the costumes for other performers or pursuing her creative endeavors behind the scenes.

Teresa Barrick's decision to step away from public attention and maintain her privacy reflects her personal values and preferences. It is not uncommon for individuals in the public eye to retreat and lead more private lives after significant personal events. 

How Did Teresa Barrick Meet Aerosmith Vocalist, Steven Tyler?

According to Steven Tyler's biography written by Laura Jackson, much of the information about how Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick met is derived from the singer's own account. In the early 1980s, it was common for rock stars to frequent clubs located in more discreet locations or holiday destinations to avoid immediate media attention.

It was at one of these clubs in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, where Tyler and Barrick initially crossed paths. During this first encounter, Barrick was among the attractive faces adorning the dance floor, while Tyler was possibly under the influence of alcohol. Although Tyler might not have remembered their meeting, Barrick had kept him in mind since then.

Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick married
Image: Steven Tyler with his ex-spouse, Teresa Barrick during the concert. Source: Pinterest

Barrick's unnamed sister, who had a mutual friend connected to Tyler and the band. It was through this connection that Barrick received an invitation to one of the band's after-parties at Record Plant Studios in New York.

Steven Tyler later expressed how he was captivated by Barrick's charm and beauty on that particular evening, even though they had met before. It is safe to assume that Tyler might not have recollected their initial encounter in Hawaii.

Exchanged Wedding Vows

In 1988, after several years of dating, Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick married in a discreet ceremony held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The wedding received little publicity, leading many to believe that the couple intentionally kept it intimate, involving only close family and friends.

t remains unclear whether Barrick was actually from Tulsa, as there is no reliable evidence confirming her hometown. The choice of location, however, further emphasizes Barrick's preference for privacy and her desire to distance herself from the public eye.

Did Teresa Barrick End Steven Tyler and His First Wife's Marriage?

Prior to his marriage to Barrick, Steven Tyler had been previously married to actress Cyrinda Foxe, with whom he had a daughter named Mia Tyler. Interestingly, Tyler's divorce from Foxe had taken place just a year before he tied the knot with Barrick. 

Steven Tyler and Cyrinda Foxe divorced
Image: Steven Tyler and Cyrinda Foxe together. Source: Pinterest

Speculation naturally arose regarding Barrick's involvement at the end of Tyler's previous marriage. However, close friends have since revealed that Tyler's relationship with Foxe was already troubled, and a divorce between them was imminent. Despite this, Barrick faced criticism for the perceived close timing of her marriage to Tyler's divorce.

Divorced With Steven Tyler and Sharing of Kids

Before their marriage, Teresa Barrick played a significant role in overseeing the costume and clothing design for Aerosmith, contributing to Steven Tyler's colorful and flashy stage outfits. Despite being primarily known as Steven Tyler's wife, Barrick had a successful career of her own. 

Steven Tyler has four kids
Image: Steven Tyler with his kids and ex-wife. Source: People

Even after their marriage ended, she continued to design outfits for the band throughout the 1990s and beyond. Barrick is described as supportive and a calming influence on Tyler, especially during a challenging period for both him and the band. 

She played a role in encouraging Tyler to reconcile with bandmate Joe Perry. The couple had two children together, Chelsea and Taj, who have also found success in the entertainment industry.

Did Teresa Barrick Cheat On Steven Tyler?

During their divorce, speculation arose regarding possible infidelity on the part of Steven Tyler, given his celebrity status and history with beautiful young blondes. However, neither Tyler nor Teresa Barrick mentioned infidelity as a reason for their separation. 

Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick divorced
Image: Steven Tyler and Teresa Barrick together in an award show. Source: Getty Images

The absence of Barrick at public events, such as the Grammys, suggested that all was not well in their marriage. Some media outlets reported rumors of Barrick's alleged infidelity, while others suggested that she had experienced a mid-life crisis due to Tyler's success and absence from home. 

However, none of these accusations have been proven true. Without confirmation from either spouse, the exact reason behind their divorce remains speculative.

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