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Amanda Batula Weight Loss - Know the Secret of Her Incredible Weight Loss

Published Thu Apr 30 2020 By Chester
Amanda Batula Weight Loss - Know the Secret of Her Incredible Weight Loss

Find out the incredible weight loss journey of Summer House star Batula.

The rising face of Bravo's star Amanda Batula has definitely stunned millions of her fans and followers with her luscious physique and amazing acting skills. Over time, fans have also noticed Amanda's body change and even shared that her clothes did not fit during the second season of the show.

Since it has now raised curiosity among thousands of her followers, here, we present you with all the details regarding Amanda's weight loss journey. 

Amanda Batula Weight Loss 

Snippet of Batula conducting Q&A session with fans.
A snippet of Batula conducting a Q&A session with fans.
Image Source: Instagram

Amanda over two years lost around 15 to 20 pounds. She Batula shared that she was at "her heaviest" when she filmed over the summer of 2017.  She initially weights more than 55 kg and seemed to be growing unhealthy but timely got herself in the shape.

If you have been following Amanda then you might be well aware of his amazing weight loss journey. Amanda who seems to be very familiar with her fans took to her Instagram Q&A and shared that changing her diet preferences and eating schedule helped her to lose pounds. 

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How did She do it?

The slim and curvy Amanda Batula.
The slim and curvy Amanda Batula.
Image Source: Bravo

The reality star credited the major reason behind her weight loss as the result of intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee. And adding to that she cut out the food which contained sugar and carbs. 

Amanda also shared a few tips she found helpful like "give in to your cravings in small doses, so that you don't overindulge" and do not count calories, "but just try to eat a lot of protein" and vegetables. 

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The Summer House star even shared she was not so fond of the gym so she did not go for heavy exercises. However, the reality star suggests that jogging or walking recommended footsteps will come with blushing results. So a proper diet which is low-fat food and eating a lot of protein and vegetables will do the trick. As of now, she weighs around 110 pounds (50 k.g), and yes she looks really fit and healthy at her current weight.

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