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HipHop Pioneer Andre Harrell's Is Dead at the Age of 59, Find Out About His Wife Wendy Credle

Published Sun May 10 2020 By Bran
HipHop Pioneer Andre Harrell's Is Dead at the Age of 59, Find Out About His Wife Wendy Credle

The Uptown label producer Andre Harrell passed away very recently, and it shook the whole music world. Let's find out how his ex-wife Wendy Credle is and how she took Andre's tragic death.

The whole music industry experienced a huge shock last week as it lost a gem of a producer in Andre Harrell. The founder of Uptown Records, which introduced the world to some top artists like Little Shawn and Jeff Redd, died in his residence at West California, California on May 8, 2020. His former wife, Wendy Credle, announced how the producer was suffering from heart problems, which led to his demise.

Amidst all the COVID-19 crisis, Andre Harrell's death came as a big shock in the whole music industry. The Uptown founder, who turned Diddy into a music mogul, was married to Wendy Credle for quite a while. So, without wasting much time, let us know about the celebrity wife.

Wendy Credle: Former Wife of Andre Harrell

While the saddening demise of Andre Harrell is all over the newspapers, there is every information on his professional accomplishments. On the contrary, it is his personal and married life, which is quite private. He used to be married to Wendy Credle. 

An old picture of Wendy Credle and her ex-lover Andre Harrell.

Wendy Credle's ex-former spouse Harrell died on May 8, 2020, in his house itself.
Photo Source: Wendy Credle Instagram 

Credle and Harrell formed a perfect match for one another as they dated for quite a while before making the big decision to tie the knot. Most of the details between their relationship are quite unknown as the label producer preferred to keep his personal affair secluded from the media. 

Shortly after their marital bond, Credle gave birth to a son, Gianni Harrell, with Andre Harrell. Following his father's footsteps, the celebrity son is indeed another celebrity with over 17,000 followers on Instagram. Although things looked quite bright for Credle with a family in their married life, Andre and Wendy suffered from several cracks in their relationship. Consequently, after a specific time, they decided to part ways with a divorce.

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Although not much about Credle's personal life was known after she parted ways, her ex-lover, Harrell, dated the Canadian choreographer, Laurieann Gibson. Even though there are rumors on how the two exchanged the vows, they were outright false, and they never got married.

Wendy Credle Revealed Harrell's Cause of Death

The hit-making executive producer might no longer be with us after the unfortunate death, but his legacy in music lives on forever. The former CEO of Motown Records worked alongside Diddy in his multi-platform network, Revolt, and helped in launching the Revolt Music Conference.

Wendy Credle in a white dress poses a picture with Andre Harrell.

Wendy Credle told that Harrell was battling several heart problems.
Photo Source: Wendy Credle Instagram

In fact, Credle did reveal to the media how the Uptown Record founder was suffering from recurring heart problems for quite a while, and it was possible that heart failure took him away. Even though things ended in a divorce between Harrell and ex-wife Credle, the diva did know her former beau quite well. Make sure you pass your heartfelt condolences to Wendy, for which this is such a difficult period. 

Wendy Credle is a TV Producer

The match between the late Andre Harrell and his ex-wife Wendy R. Credle was perfect in front of the cameras. Both of them shared similar interests as the diva was an executive coach and an entertainment lawyer. It was a shame that her marriage with the Diddy's mentor couldn't work out. 

Wendy Credle in a white dress poses a picture for her Instagram.

Wendy Credle and Andre Harrell gave birth to son Gianni Harrell.
Photo Source: Wendy Credle Instagram

Despite the break-up, she didn't give up on her career and continued her behind the works on the television. The New Jersey-based executive's bio reads that she serves the Wen-Pie productions. Furthermore, the lawyer completed her academics from the University of Michigan. In pursuit of making her career, she moved to New York and became an A&3 executive, interfaced with the lawyers.

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In an interview, she said how her job found her rather than she sought for it. Interacting with the lawyers tempted her to go to law school, with an intention to come back to the entertainment industry. Regarding her personal life, she prefers to travel around, go horse riding, and surprisingly, is a Siddha Yoga Devotee.

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