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Who is Luke Sandoe? (WIKI) Find Out About His Wife, Daughter and Son

Published Fri May 08 2020 By Eric
Who is Luke Sandoe? (WIKI) Find Out About His Wife, Daughter and Son

Learn who Luke Sandoe was and what he did when he was alive? 

Luke Sandoe was an upcoming professional bodybuilder, businessman, and fitness guru, but before all of those things, he was a loving father of two beautiful children before all of those things 

After years of hard work and effort, Sandoe was climbing great heights in his professional career, which unfortunately came to an end due to his sudden death at the early age of 30. However, he left a legacy for those who wanted to make a career in the fitness industry. 

Sandoe became a legend for many, due to which his unexpected demise broke their hearts and raised curiosity to know what happened. Further, people became anxious to get insight into his early life and current family status, which brought us to today's article. We will share brief details about Luke Sandoe, so let's begin. 

Luke Sandoe Wiki/Bio

The professional bodybuilder Luke Sandoe hails from Christchurch, in the south of England. Though he became a celebrity with his strength and athleticism, his early life is still outside of the spotlight. Due to that reason, there are no details about his father and mother.

Luke Sandoe Wiki - The professional bodybuilder Luke Sandoe hails from Christchurch, in the south of England.

Late pro bodybuilder Sandoe was born in the south of England.
Photo Source: Instagram of Luke Sandoe (@lukesandoe)

However, Sandoe is a well-educated man, according to Heavy; he studied illustration and human biology in his college days. They also claim Luke used to play drums when he was young but halted after he pursued becoming a professional bodybuilder.

He Was the Father of Two Children

Before we break down the details about Luke Sandoe, children, let us tell you guys that the English-born powerlifter wasn't a married man. He welcomed his children with his girlfriend. 

Luke Sandoe has a daughter and a son.

Luke Sandoe enjoying himself with his daughter ad son.
Photo Source: Instagram of Luke Sandoe (@lukesandoe)

Further, there is something more interesting on this topic; in one of the virtual sit down, Sandoe even confirmed his elder daughter, Louise, is about to be 15-years-old which affirms he became a father at the tender age of fifteen. 

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In the same interview, Sandoe also shared his young son, Leo, was 7-years-old. Meanwhile, he also praises his daughter's mother, saying how young and phenomenal she was; however, he doesn't provide her name in the sit-down. 

According to E Daily Buzz, Luke welcomed his son with his former lover Caroline Foulkes. Still, there are no further details about his ex-girlfriend in any media. 

Nevertheless, if we have to conclude Sandoe's relationship with his children, then he was a great father. He always made leisure time from his busy schedule to spend it with his son and daughter. Therefore, the vacuum left by Luke's death will be felt more by his lovely children.

"The Juggernaut" Sandoe, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Professional Journey

The IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Luke Sandoe garner tremendous success in his short life span, becoming the UK fan favorite and earning the moniker Juggernaut, which perfectly suits his gigantic physique. 

The IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Luke with his dog and workout kits.
Photo Source: Instagram of Luke Sandoe

Luke's journey in the fitness industry began in his early 20s when he focused his energy on being one of the greatest through bodybuilding life.

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As per the Sandoe website, he quickly climbed the amateur ranks from his debut show and won in 2012 as a junior. Subsequently, in the same year, he even garnered second place in the UKBFF British finals in a men's class. 


After that, Luke won the sixth position in the super heavyweight division in 2015. Though he accomplished to be in the finale, not getting the first place fueled Luke to hustle even harder; soon, with his Daly intense workout routine, the Juggernaut got pre-qualified after a year. In October 2016, he took the Superheavy and overall British title, becoming a new pro in the fitness field. 

Luke compete in the Arnold Classic and the Arnold Classic Australia plus went on collecting the top three positions at the 2018 Indy Pro.

The Juggernaut Sandoe became IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.
Photo Source: Pinterest

Further, Luke also competed in the Arnold Classic and the Arnold Classic Australia and collected the top three positions at the 2018 Indy Pro. 

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After gaining tons of knowledge on body fitness, Luke also began to guide his fans to obtain a well-built physique. He used to share his tips with his followers through his YouTube channel, online class, and from other sources.

Luke Sandoe Death - He Passed Away at Age 31

Like we mentioned earlier, the bodybuilder Luke Sandoe's legacy came to an end after his sudden death. He passed away at the early age of thirty, leaving a massive hole in the hearts of his family, friends, and fans.

Luke Sandoe committed suicide

Luke Sandoe was only thirty-one years old when he passed away.
Photo Source: Luike Sandoe's Instagram (@lukesandoe)

Sandoe, with his fitness career, Sandoe Withwon tons of followers, due to which everyone is anxious to know the reason behind his death. His untimely end raises lots of speculation in the mass, but the main reason is still behind the curtains. 

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However, we will update you guys with the real reason behind the heartbreaking incident as soon as it hit in any media.

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