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Who is Andre Marhold's Girlfriend? Find Out About His Relationship

Published Tue Aug 25 2020 By Kenshinpark
Who is Andre Marhold's Girlfriend? Find Out About His Relationship

Here's what you should know about Andre Marhold's girlfriend in 2021.

Andre Marhold is an American former college basketball for Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from 2009 to 2013. Well, there are records of him playing professional basketball as well.

According to reports, he played professional ball overseas for a year in 2014. As you can see, his basketball career was below average, to say the least. 

While talking about his whereabouts, Andre was born on August  6, 1990, in Charlotte. Apart from these tiny bits of information, there's nothing we could find about the former basketball player.

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All we can say is, Andre was pretty much laying low so far, but that has changed recently. The former basketball player's name is blowing up on the internet, and we assume you pretty much know about it already.

Andre Marhold is Rumored to Be Dating Jeffree Star

It's no wonder why Andre Marhold's girlfriend is being looked up on the internet recently, and let us tell you, the search engines are going crazy right now because of the overwhelming inquiries. 

According to some reports, Andre Marhold is allegedly dating Jeffree Star. The rumors of two dating each other started when the makeup guru uploaded a picture of them together.

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Jeffree and Andre were all cozy, and the makeup guru, on the caption, wrote, "Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year."

Was Andre Marhold Married? Who was His Wife?

It's not confirmed if he was married or single before he met Jeffree Star. As we mentioned earlier, Andre Marhold kept a very low profile before all the rumors of him dating Jeffree started. 

But as far as we know, Andre Marhold didn't have a wife, even if you ask us right now if he is really dating Jeffree, the whole thing is still hazy. The fans of Star came to a conclusion a little too early.

They just saw a tattooed arm of Star's new love interest, and when they tried to find out who the man is, all roots connected to Andre, but let's just wait for the official announcement by Jeffree herself.

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