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Angela Babicz Boyfriend - Find Out If the Actress is Dating Someone or Single

Published Mon Apr 20 2020 By Kenshinpark
Angela Babicz Boyfriend - Find Out If the Actress is Dating Someone or Single

Angela Babicz is a television personality known for her stint on the show, 'Ex On The Beach US' season one and two. She has numbers of other reality shows to her name like 'Bad Girls Club' and others. While it's apparent she has done a couple of tweaks on her body, like her hair, boobs, nose, etc., she is true to herself.

There's an excellent reason why people like her or hate her for the same reason; she is the most real person you will ever see. Angela never shies away from when it comes to telling the world about her plastic surgeries and all; she just does it. She never lies, and in fact, she once said, "I have fake boobs, fake hair, and stuff, but everything that comes out of my mouth is 100 percent true."

Well, there you have it, you can pretty much imagine how bad of a girl she is, with full of attitude for which people like her. While it's no surprise people who followed the show know well about her and her attitude, but lately, some are confused about one thing, her boyfriend. So, is she dating someone or still single? Let's find out.

Angela Babicz Boyfriend - Is She Dating Someone?

Angela Babicz, as we know from the show, 'Ex On The Beach,' was dating someone. Babicz was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Nelson Thomas, but lately, the former couple called their relationship off. So with that, Angela Babicz is currently single. Thomas and Angela met on the set of 'Ex On The Beach,' but the two fell in love outside the house.

angela babicz boyfriend.

Angela Babicz, after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Thomas Nelson, is currently single.
Photo Source: Angela Babicz Twitter

At the beginning of their relationship, everything was fine. The former couple had a very humble beginning, and they quickly fell in love with each other. But soon after, Babicz was not comfortable in her association with Thomas. Angela thought Nelson was showing 'toxic' traits. Babicz created a scene when she was so insecure about Nelson's 'toxic' traits, which she assumed, of course, that she took him to Dr. Phil's episode.

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Despite Dr. Phil advising otherwise, the couple stayed in the relationship for a couple of months, but two broke up later. The couple who started dating back in 2018 broke up in July of 2019.

Angela Babicz Said Her Break Up With Thomas Nelson Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Her

As we mentioned earlier, Nelson Thomas and Angela Babicz met on the set of 'Ex On The Beach' Season 2. The former couple had an on-and-off relationship for a year. And the reason for that is obvious too. Angela thought Nelson had some toxic traits which created the problem in their love life.

The former couple started dating back in 2018 and broke up in July of 2019, but Babicz recently broke her silence about her last relationship. The former couple attended Dr. Phil's show; then, despite Dr.'s advice, they continued dating. But after five months of appearing on Dr. Phil's show, they broke up. 

Watch: Angela Babicz breaks her silence on her last relationship. (*single af* life update)

Now Angela, after months of her split, calls her breakup "the best thing to ever happen,' and she has an excellent reason for it. Babicz, talking with one of the media outlets, said, "it has been a long time coming, and I am in a completely different headspace."

Angela added, "I am reading books about psychopaths and narcissists during my time of social distancing, which has helped me cope up with the breakup. I have been in a relationship majority of my adult life, and finally, it's time to get to know myself better and find my inner peace as I am single.'

Well, it seems like her last breakup was a wakeup call for her to introspect and make her life better. We wish her all the luck.

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