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Anime Death Battle! Who'd Win Between One Punch Man' Saitama and Dragon Ball' Goku

Published Sun Jun 16 2019 By David
Anime Death Battle! Who'd Win Between One Punch Man' Saitama and Dragon Ball' Goku

Goku vs Saitama. 

Comparing anime character is one heck of an argue especially when either of the characters is on a god level might.

Here we present you our calculations demonstrating the highs and lows of two famous characters from two different manga universes, 'Son Goku' aka Kakarot from Akira Toriyama's 'Dragon Ball world' and 'Saitama' from Yusuke Murata's 'One-Punch Man'. See which of the other character has the odds of sidelining the another. 

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First, let’s look at Saitama’s greatest feats:

-punched the air to negate a planet-annihilating blast; the subsequent shockwave parted clouds on a global scale

-upturned the debris of a city-sized megastructure into space

-decimated a large asteroid capable of pulverizing a city

-blew away a storm through the courtesy of an effortless punch

-hopped from the moon back to Earth, surviving the vacuum of space with no evil impacts

As for Goku’s greatest feats:

-shook an endlessly sized universe just by showing up in it

-exchanged blows capable of crushing the entire universe just from the shockwaves

-destroyed the walls of an alternate dimension

-blew a 100+ foot diameter hole through a planet with a thickness at least 100,000 more prominent than that of Earth’s

On the same note, here are a few other parameters that help in comparing these two baddies.

Speed: Advantage Goku

Goku has shown the ability teleport instantly, and though he hardly uses it in the battle that doesn’t mean that Saitama holds an edge over that.

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Fighting Ability: Advantage Goku

Goku has been preparing in combative techniques since he was a kid, Saitama has only done strength training for 4 years that enabled him to become as powerful as he has.

Durability: Advantage Saitama

Durability has disregarded Doros strongest hits, he didn’t even take a scratch. Even Goku as super Saiyan versus Freeza was all the while taking harm. Most DBZ great characters have at any point simply “tanked” hits.

Stamina: Advantage Saitama

Saitama is sluggish, and yet when he wants to he can move at blinding paces without even breaking a sweat or even looking worn out. It’s nearly as its simply him selecting to be lazy cause he can.

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Goku gets exhausted rapidly from just minutes or exchanging punches. This isn’t to say his stamina sucks, he’s blowing with mountain destroying power consistently so it’s reasonable.

Power: Advantage Goku

Goku has annihilated planet size meteors while Saitama is yet to show his might on that one.  This isn’t to say he can’t but we haven’t seen accomplishments that would dictate that he can. The assumption is he can. But then again we haven’t seen it, yet.

Goku 6/10 times

Unmistakably, Goku’s feats are far, far greater than Saitama’s. Although Saitama may have broken his limiter, he obviously still has few cut off points. In the event that he didn’t, at that point, he could defeat every opponent with a Normal Punch(which is super effortless for him but can still blow apart most monsters.) However, there are some individuals who can endure a Normal Punch, or Saitama’s related attack, Consecutive Normal Punches, which Saitama likely uses just to make battles more intriguing than just ending it with one punch.

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For instance, let us say 'Boros' (a significant villain in One Punch Man) has a power level of 6. If Saitama had unending force then he cannot use a fraction of his power, as vastness divided by infinity is still infinity. However, since his strength is constrained he can use part of his brawn. Let’s assume Saitama has a power level of 100. Thus, a single normal punch could, predictably, kill any opponent under, say, PL 3. If Saitama had infinite robustness then he wouldn’t ever need to use a serious move. Any adversary would be defeated easily.

Saitama is, at any rate, a planet-buster, and likely more. However, his problem is that he is a strong character in a vast expanse of weaker individuals; not like Goku, who has met plenty of equivalents and bosses. This implies we don’t generally have any feats to go against that show us Saitama’s true strength, on the grounds that no rival can push him that far.

Goku, on the other hand, has met and sometimes battled against stronger individuals, like Beerus, who wrecked half of a planet by drawing a small circle on a table, and 'Jiren'. And even 'Beerus' is underneath 'Whis' and the heavenly angels, who themselves are below 'Zen-oh' and his alternate timeline counterpart, who both obliterated multiple universes without a moment’s delay.

It’s hard to state for certain, but aforementioned maths and theories do favor Goku of being a moderately stronger character. Goku is at least universe-buster, while Caped Baldy has yet to show any coup beyond planetary level.