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Anthony Padilla Girlfriend Miel Bredouw - Top 5 Facts

Published Mon Dec 16 2019 By Travis
Anthony Padilla Girlfriend Miel Bredouw - Top 5 Facts

Miel Bredouw started on her journey to become a comedic genius in 2010 when she took her first step into digital comedy with the start of her YouTube channel, 'Mielmonster.' From a young age, Miel wanted to be a comedian, and after finishing high school and working in a restaurant for a while, she asked herself if she wanted to take the leap to take up comedy, which she did.

Born on 11 July 1989, the 30-year-old comedian started improving at the age of six, but she was living in a rural place of Orcas Village, Washington, the opportunities to pursue comedy fulltime was not there for her. After she was old enough, Miel traveled to California with hopes, but she was still scared to implement her career as a comedian.

Miel Bredouw is a comedian plying her trade on YouTube.

Miel Bredouw is a comedian plying her trade on YouTube.
Source: Instagram

After a few false starts, Miel finally managed to get her footing in the comedy industry, and her witty videos were a hit with fans. But the reason she rose to mainstream media notice was because of her battle with 'Barstool Sports' over the content and DMCA takedown for illegal posting of her content. So, here five facts you need to know about Miel Bredouw.

5. Her Father is a Studio Musician and Mother a Clothing Designer

Living in the rural area of Washington, her parents supported the family of four with their work, and just by looking at what they did should give you an idea of where the Miel got her creativity bone from. Her father, Jim Bredouw is a studio musician and writer, now you know where she learned to write so funny, and her mother, Anne, was a clothing designer while her sister, Minnie, is working as a product designer in San Francisco and her younger brother Henri is also a musician in Portland.

4. Miel Worked as a Sous Chef in Los Angeles and Then Started Her Own Baking Company

The reason for her taking the leap of faith and coming to Los Angeles was to pursue a career comedy, but she took up comedy pretty late, engaging in different works to pay the bills. The comedian took a job as a sous chef for a while, and soon she started her own baking company making vegan cakes.

Career as a baker and a sous chef lasted for a little while, and she was soon stuck between her choice to whether go into comedy or continue on her work. She chose comedy and so began her career in the world of social media comedy content posting.

3. Her Mashup of Three 6 Mafia’s Slob on My Knob and Carol of the Bells Went Viral

The comedian posted a video on 23 November 2016, where she retooled the song 'Slob on My Knob' by 'Three 6 Mafia' and mashed it with the Christmas tune 'Carol of the Bells.' The song worked so well, people started to share the clip during the holiday season, and it went viral. Now, every year, the song makes the rounds of the internet before Christmas rolls into town, and the song was also the reason for a dispute between 'Barstool Sports' and Miel, which went ugly pretty fast.

2. Miel’s Dispute with Barstool Sports was all the Rage in the Spring of 2019

In December of 2018, like clockwork, the 'Slob on My Knob' and Carol of the Bells was making the rounds of the internet, but then 'Barstool Sports' posted the video through their Twitter account and linked it to 'Barstool Chicks,' without even giving her credit for the video.

Miel’s fans were sending her Tweets, and she asked them to take the video down, but they did not comply, and finally, she sent a DMCA notice and copyright claimed the video which resulted in the video being taken down and people from the media department of 'Barstool Sports' contacting her to take down the DMCA notice.

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The whole turned ugly pretty soon as more and more accounts linked to Barstool Sports started harassing her on all her social media platforms. Then after that did not work, she was offered $2,000 to take down the DMCA notice, which she did not do. Finally, the head of Barstool apologized for posting the video.

1. Miel Bredouw and Anthony Padilla Dated for a Few Years

In and around March of 2015, Anthony Padilla and Miel Bredouw started dating, and the couple made it official with the fans in September of 2017, where the description of the video read they started dating about two and a half years ago. The couple also started making videos together, but the former Smosh member and the comedian called it quits around mid-2019, and he later stated he was dating someone else for the past four months in an interview in late 2019.

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