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Apple 'Deep Fusion' Camera Hacks are Must-See

Published Fri Nov 01 2019 By Chester
Apple 'Deep Fusion' Camera Hacks are Must-See

Apple just launched an amazing Deep Fusion camera tricks on the new iOS 13.2 software update.

This might be a revolution with a handful of features to all the mobile photography lovers. Good news as the new update is supported for iPhone 11, 11 Pro/Pro Max.

Below we have presented you two images of the new camera feature to see the difference.

A lemon highly cropped and shot in iPhone 11 Pro "Deep Fusion" for extra clarity.

The images is seen little deeper with highlighted details of the patches. The 'Deep Fusion' as the name says captures the images on the deeper aspect with a clear view.

The same lemon, shot on iPhone 11 Pro without Deep Fusion. 

To know and use the deep fusion, go to your Settings, Camera, then click on "Photos Capture Outside the Frame," which will knock out Deep Fusion.

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Deep Fusion works with the telephoto portrait lens and wide lens during the low light to medium situations.

To get the software, go to your Settings, then click on General then on Software Update.

So go on and try the new feature and prepare to amaze people with your amazing detailed photo skills.

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