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Did Ann Dowd aka Aunt Lydia of 'The Handmaid's Tale' Undergo Weight Loss? Find All the Details Here

Published Tue Jun 01 2021 By Heisenberg
Did Ann Dowd aka Aunt Lydia of 'The Handmaid's Tale' Undergo Weight Loss? Find All the Details Here

Aunt Lydia from "The Handmaid's Tale" Looks So Much Slimmer in Season 4: Read the Exclusive Report Here!  

It's never too late to start healthy; actress Ann Dowd, popularly known as Aunty Lydia, may have proven the excerpt right as she appeared to have lost quite a weight at 65. 

You may know her as the unyielding, brutal mentor from the Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale, but she promises she is nothing like her character in real life. Overnight fame from the series, Aunt has been working in the film industry for more than two decades now, with limited acclamation, obviously.  

However, Dowd's loyal fans have always been around, applauding the actress's diverse roles from the start, whether it was her comic role in Marley & Me, alongside Jennifer Aniston, or her dramatic take in Nothing Sacred. Appearing slimmer than ever in the new season, fans are fearing and speculating health issues. Find the full story here.  

How Much Weight Has Aunt Lydia Lost?   

As The Handmaid's Tale season 4 premiered on 24 April, fans couldn't help but notice how much weight she has shed. Still very much a live debate, with new opinions added every minute on Reddit and her fan page; there is no way of knowing for sure whatsoever. 

Aunt Lydia aka Ann Dowd b/w portrait.

 Is it surgery or a strict diet plan and routine the cause of Aunt's weight loss?
Photo Source: Variety

Aunt Lydia herself hasn't made any official comments on it, and fans aren't stopping speculating anytime soon. One opined, maybe the new season demanded a slimmer look, and so she had to go for it. One expert opined comparing at Aunt Lydia in previous and current seasons; she may have lost close to 70 pounds.  

Ann Dowd in her character Aunt Lydia.

 It could very well be make-up effects for a slimmer appearance.
Photo Source: Celeb Diaries

People have suggested that Aunt has probably had gastric bypass or sleeve surgery, giving, 'dropping kgs at this age is even harder.' A late-bloomer, Lydia had previously heaved a moment of relief for finding success in life, saying I am just grateful it came.   

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We can't totally rule out the chances that she may be putting extra effort into her looks now that she is the focus of a large audience or even the possibility that it could very well be strong makeup effects. 

"All of us have humanity in us," Says Ann Dowd!

Married to Lawrence Arancio, a writer and a mother to three children, Liam, Emily, Trust, Ann Dowd was called the nicest person in the darkest role by GQ in 2018. The actress won a Prime-Time Emmy in 2017 for her character Lydia.   

A teary eyed Aunt Lydia with her Emmy award in 2017.

 Let's see what may have brought her (Lydia) to become this person.
Photo Source: Daily Mail

The expansive recognition may have come late for her, but Dowd had an impressive profile of working with A-listers before, too. Stars like Channing Tatum, Brad Renfro, Tom Hanks are a few of them. Reminding viewers to see beyond the portrayed role, she put forth a perspective recently, sympathizing even with a character as evil as Aunt Lydia.  

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In talks before the series premiere, she said, “All of us have humanity in us, some of us have it buried deep, some of us have it kicked out of us, let’s see if we can come to understand what may have brought her to be this person that she is." Intrigued viewers and reviewers have been awaiting an insightful revelation in the ongoing season since.

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