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Avatar Villain Colonel Quaritch will be Back in all Four Planned Avatar Sequels

Published Thu Dec 26 2019 By Travis
Avatar Villain Colonel Quaritch will be Back in all Four Planned Avatar Sequels

The villain from the first Avatar movie was killed in the end but James Cameron is saying the same villain will be in all four planned Avatar sequels.

'Avatar' is ten years old; you just felt pretty old right now, didn’t you? It’s been ten years since the release of the first true great 3D masterpiece by a masterful director at the top of his game. Though many movies came and went over the years and the technology was further developed, something that was released ten years ago still holds up today as a film and as a technical marvel is a testament to the brilliance of the film.

The movie with the Na’vii people for better or worse started a trend and changed the way the general public viewed films in the theatre. It was a masterpiece, though you can poke holes in the story of the film, there is no movie to date as impactful to the movie-going experience then what James Cameron was able to achieve in the first 'Avatar' film.

Watch: The trailer for the first Avatar movie; directed by James Cameron

James Cameron is a crafty director, someone who is willing to wait years so his vision can come to light on the screen, but the director is also known for casting great actors in their roles and especially the villains of the film. Almost all the James Cameron movie contains one great villain, and it was the case with 'Avatar.'

The director cast the perfect person to play the villain in the film with actor Stephen Lang, playing 'Colonel Miles Quaritch' and putting on the military garbs to level the Na’vii natives. He was marvelous in the role, and it was a great performance from the actor who went head to head with the people in Na’vii.

Watch: Neytiri shoots Colonel Quaritch with two arrows

But the thing is as the movie neared its end and the final battle was raging on, 'Colonel Quaritch' was killed by 'Neytiri' after she shot him with two long arrows through the heart. Well, now the word is 'Quaritch' will be the villain in all four remaining Avatar sequels, and it came straight from the director’s mouth.

James Cameron told Deadline he was not going to cast new villains in each of the four sequels with the same character being the villain in all four movies. Cameron said, “There’s not a new villain every time, which is interesting. Same guy. Same motherf*cker through all four [planned] movies. He is so good, and he just gets better. I know Stephen Lang is gonna knock this out of the park.”

Stephen Lang is returning to the Avatar series, according to the director James Cameron.

Stephen Lang is returning to the Avatar series, according to the director James Cameron.
Source: Public Radio

It seems the villain is not dead after all in the first movie, and if all things go as planned, then Stephen Lang will appear as the villain Colonel again. But the actor said he was not confident about his return in the film when he first met James.

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The actor said, “Jim indicated to me years ago, before filming on Avatar was completed, that Quaritch had a future. I might have taken that with a grain of salt at the time because we had a few beers. Shortly after Avatar opened, Jim mentioned again that the Colonel was coming back, and by then I knew Jim well enough to know that he means what he says and he says what he means.”

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Stephen Lang was great as the villain, and his return would be a welcome one for 'Avatar 2,' which will surely be looking to take back the worldwide highest-grossing movie title. James Cameron recently said the win by 'Avengers: Endgame' could be labeled as an accounting error, and all he needs to do is rerelease 'Avatar' to take back the crown.

The first sequel to 'Avatar' is coming on 21 December 2021, with the third movie set for 22 December 2023. The director is said to have wrapped the production on the first two sequels, and we are not so far off from the release of the film, only two years for people who already waited for more than ten.

Avatar 2 is coming before Christmas of 2021.

Avatar 2 is coming before Christmas of 2021.
Source: Avatar

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